Greenland Muskox Hunting

World Class Greenland Muskox Hunting in Nunavut, Canada

Bob Foulkrod with a Giant Greenland Muskox
Bob Foulkrod with a Giant Greenland Muskox
Cambridge Bay on Victoria Island is the Muskox Hunting Capital of the World”.

Southern Victoria Island has a population of 30,000 Muskox!

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Our clients hold three of the top five trophies of the Greenland muskox as listed in the SCI Record Book. Corey Goss with the No.2 entry has a score of 84 5/8 and both Doug Whitaker and Bob Underwood with a score of 82 3/8 are tied for the No. 3 spot.

Muskox Hunting Season:
This is the only area of Nunavut where the Greenland muskox can be hunted in August and September. This late summer package is ideally suited for individuals concerned about the weather conditions in our March or November hunts.

Record Book Greenland MuskoxHunting Method:
Daytime temperatures at Victoria Island during this time of year ranges from 2°C to 7°C or (35°F to 45°F). Travelling to and from the hunting area is by boat. Hunters and guides then spot and stalk the inland tundra for muskox. All-terrain vehicles are also used. Expect to encounter a fair amount of game within a few kilometers of the shoreline.

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Rifle and bow hunters can be virtually assured of a good muskox bull.

Bow hunters have had 100% hunter success on both the spring hunt and this late summer hunt. It is common to see anywhere from 30 to 40 muskox daily. Holding a commanding percentage of Greenland Muskox records in the SCI Record Book, this outfitter has truly unmatched trophy quality, and they have performed with 100% success since 1995 when they began hunting on Victoria Island. You can also add a second bull for a trophy fee.

Treor Brittingham on a muskox hunt

This outfitter has been operating hunts on Victoria Island since 1995 with 100 percent hunter success. Nearly all of the muskox taken here qualify for the Pope and Young record book as well as the SCI record book.” -Trevor Brittingham

Trevor and Jack Brittingham on their muskox hunt

Trophy Care
Basic field prep of your trophy muskox is provided. These services are limited when compared to other North American hunts due to the frigid conditions in which Greenland Muskox live.

Greenland muskox hunt

Talk to a hunting consultant about muskox huntingTravel to Greenland
Your outfitter can provide complete round trip travel itineraries from the clientʼs home to the Canadian Gateway city on regular scheduled flights, and preferred rates for regular scheduled flights to the Arctic destination.

Hunting is carried out from Cape Peel to Mount Pelly, on the southern coast of Victoria Island. Client-hunters fly by regularly scheduled airline to the village of Cambridge Bay and from there, travel by boat that takes 4 to 6 hours to the hunting area.

Satellite Image of Victoria IslandCamps and Accommodations
Accommodations are either tents or cabins depending on the location of the muskox at the time of your hunt. The boat and tents give the clients and guides mobility to move along the coast until game is found. Hunters may be expected to help with camp chores.

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