A Good Year For the Girls Hunting in Arizona

We’ve had a good year of hunting in Arizona

My youngest daughter Ashlyn got another javelina while hunting in Arizona this past weekend. She made a nice 100 yard shot on a 7-8 year old Arizona javelina. Most of these don’t seem to get past 3-4 years old. This one had very few teeth left. She is getting to be quite the huntress even though she still has me pack them out. She bought me a new pack for Christmas and let me use it all the way out! We were joined by my good friend Tim Maddock and his 6 year old boy Connor “bulldog” Maddock. We went for the weekend but were back home in time for dinner opening day.

Ashlyn got this javelina on Feb. 20, 2009 while hunting in Arizona
Ashlyn got this Arizona javelina on Feb. 20, 2009

It didn’t end there. Both of my daughters had a great year hunting in Arizona this year. My oldest daughter, Bethany shot a muzzleloader cow elk in Decemeber and her first Arizona Coues buck in November. She glassed it up and shot it herself. Its more fun hunting with the kids than anything else. Daughters are great to hunt with and tend to be better shots than the guys in my opinion.

Bethany's Arizona muzzleloader cow elk
Bethany's Arizona muzzleloader cow elk

Bethany with her first coues deer
Bethany with her first coues deer

We wonder what the city folk are doing missing all this great stuff hunting in Arizona.

Take Care
Greg & Ashlyn McBride


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