Getting Started Hunting Out West

Being a Hunting Consultant, I talk to a ton of hunters each and every day and being born and raised out West it is easy to take what we have for granted, but for many it is their dream to come to go hunting out West. The downside to coming out West is that it can be daunting, overwhelming and expensive whether you are a DIY guy or going on a guided hunt because of the different hunting styles, the vastness of the country and the logistics involved, travel, food, research, scouting, gear, etc. I have been blessed to hunt all over the Western US, Canada and Alaska, and one of the funnest and most affordable Western hunts out there for one of the coolest animals in North America is Antelope hunting.

What? Antelope? Yes, Antelope, it may not be the toughest hunt, they may not be as majestic as a big Bull Elk or as awe inspiring as a 30″ Mule Deer, but once you spend some time watching them and hunting them you will come to appreciate them for being a totally unique and special creature. Antelope are an amazing animal, and if you are in the right area you will be hunting from dawn to dusk as they don’t tend to disappear in the middle of the day and if you are a bow hunter they have something else going for them. They tend to live in pretty dry areas, which means sitting blinds on waterholes is incredibly effective. Personally, I take a lot of enjoyment in trying to take them spot and stalk, but so you know I lose on that one more times than not. Regardless if you are a bow hunter or a rifle guy, Antelope hunting is an incredibly fun and affordable way to get started hunting the West and not to mention they are such a striking animal and make incredible trophies.

We have some great Antelope hunts, so if you are looking to get started hunting out West this year make sure to give us a call or shoot us an email and learn more about our affordable, fun and highly successful Antelope Hunts.

by Shad Wheeler

Check out our antelope hunts:


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