Blue Wildebeest Facts

Cory glauner with an archery blue wildebeest

I am going on my first African Plains Game Safari soon, and I wanted to acquaint myself with some of the animals I may be hunting while there. I'll start with Blue … [Read more...]

Hog Shot Placement

Russian wild boar

Hogs aren't built like deer, but many hunters don't realize that. Hog shot placement is different. Many hunters hunt wild hogs every year. They are a great off-season … [Read more...]

Idaho Cougar Hunting Report

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunting

Just back from guiding a successful Idaho cougar hunting trip in the Frank Church Wilderness. Shane, the other guide and I had some good luck and found a fresh kill on … [Read more...]

Arizona Hunting Unit 12A-East

Arizona Hunting Unit 12 A East

Arizona Hunting Unit 12 A East: Mule Deer | Merriam’s Turkey | Mountain Lion Mule deer hunting in Unit 12A-East on the Kaibab Plateau, is arguably the best trophy mule … [Read more...]

Alberta Dream Mule Deer

Marc Warnke with his huge Alberta mule deer

by Marc Warnke As seen in the July/August 2007 issue of the Mule Deer Foundation Magazine I am a committed bowhunter and during last year's Alberta moose hunt with my … [Read more...]

Marco Polo Sheep Facts

Kyrgyzstan Marco Polo sheep hunting

Marco Polo hunting is, to many hunters, the pinnacle of sheep hunting. Here are a few Marco Polo sheep facts: MARCO POLO SHEEP FACTS The Marco Polo argali is a large, … [Read more...]

Blue Sheep Hunting in Nepal

Hunting blue sheep in Nepal

Trek or fly in a helicopter high into the Himalayas for Blue Sheep hunting in Nepal as well as Himalayan Tahr. In the lowlands wild boars and barking deer can be hunted … [Read more...]

Cancelled Elephant Hunt

elephant hunting in South Africa

This cancelled elephant hunt has been sold. It only lasted one day. However, if you're wanting a great elephant hunt just let us know and we will help you line up a great … [Read more...]

Big Game Hunting in Mexico


There aren't very many places in the world that can rival the hunting in Mexico. Quality hunting for BIG mule deer, coues deer, and desert bighorn sheep hunting found in … [Read more...]

Big Buck Rescue

locked up whitetail

In South Dakota, someone was deer hunting and spotted a deer in the distance with his head down. It wasn't moving, and wouldn't raise it's head. She grabbed her … [Read more...]

Gerber EZ Open Knife Review

hunting knife

A few months ago, Rick Young of Rick Young Outdoors sent me an EZ Open knife to review. He sent me the ez open knife after the hunting season, so I wasn't sure that I … [Read more...]

Turkey Calling Tips

turkey hunting

It's just about that time of year. I dusted off the turkey calls last night and thought a post on turkey calling tips may be in order. Wild turkey calling takes time … [Read more...]

Choosing a Kids 22 Rifle

This is what I had as a kid. I loved this gun.

I get asked all the time what type of .22 parents should get when purchasing that first kids 22 rifle, so I did a little research and here you go. For my kids' first … [Read more...]

Wolf Hunting 101

Calling wolves can be an effective hunting method

As pretty much everybody knows, wolf season opened here in Idaho temporarily in 2009. I only got out wolf hunting once and didn't have any success, but I'm going to try … [Read more...]

Muck Boots Review


From the second I put on my new Muck Woody Max Cold Conditions Hunting Boot, I knew that they were going to become my "old reliable" … [Read more...]

300 Inch Whitetail Deer

300 inch whitetail deer

One of our readers recently sent the following story about a 300 inch whitetail deer he shot. What a monster whitetail! Congratulations Robby. "I was hunting on … [Read more...]

New #1 Argentina Red Stag

record stag

Breaking News: New #1 Argentina Red Stag! We just received the following news from one of our Argentina outfitters: Just wanted to let you know that we are having a … [Read more...]

Stedi Stock Review

Steady stock

OK, I've gotta admit that I was skeptical when Harold from Stedi Stock contacted me a few months ago wanting me to do a product review. I had seen the product before on … [Read more...]

Big Bears in Idaho


Our Idaho black bear hunting outfitter has had some good success on bears so far this season. There are a lot of bears in Idaho, but their largest of the year is this big … [Read more...]

Northern Idaho Spring Turkeys


Marc Warnke and I did an Orofino, Idaho spring turkey hunt for the last week of the season. He had a spot that he had been hunting for years and knew it well. I was … [Read more...]

Christina Gets Her First Deer

Deer hunting with kids

Jim Mortensen sent us this story about his 12 year old niece Christina's first deer. We're big here on getting kids out to experience the outdoors. It takes a lot of … [Read more...]

How to Build a Tree Stand

tree stand

So you're a hunter and you've been searching the Internet on how to build a tree stand and you ended up here. Enjoy. To build a tree stand redneck style, you need … [Read more...]