British Columbia Moose Hunt Review

Joe Omara moose hunt in British Columbia

Submitted by Joe Omara While on my British Columbia moose hunt this past fall I was able to do the most exciting stalk of my life! Right into the center of a herd of moose! The day began as normal – busting my butt climbing a steep ridge trying to keep up to my guide, […]

What shape are you? Is It Time To Train To Hunt?

Train to Hunt

by Brent Martel Do you Train to Hunt? What shape are you in? Round mostly, thanks for asking. It never fails, we have the right intentions but lack the tenacity I suppose. I am talking about about the physical shape our bodies are in. What kind of shape do we wish to be in for hunting […]

Blue Wildebeest Facts

Blue Wildebeest

I am going on my first African Plains Game Safari soon, and I wanted to acquaint myself with some of the animals I may be hunting while there. I’ll start with Blue Wildebeest, they’re pretty cool in their unique ugliness. I guess I have a fondness for the “weird looking” animals. Another of my favorites […]

Accidental Mountain Lion Hunter

Spot and stalk mountain lion

I didn’t anticipate that on this trip I would become an accidental mountain lion hunter… On the third day of my November Idaho wilderness mule deer hunt, we were working our way to a glassing point when below us elk started to bark all around us. We sat down to see if we could glass […]

A Few Facts About Mountain Goat Hunting

Mountain Goat Hunting

Mountain Goat hunting is a challenge that many hunters dream of taking. Here is a guide to mountain goat hunting, facts, and what you should know when planning for your hunt. Where to hunt mountain goats: Mountain goat hunting is available in Idaho, Montana, British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Texas, […]

Tips for US Hunters Traveling to Africa

Tips for US hunters travelling to Africa

If you are traveling to Africa for a hunt from the US, it can be a daunting undertaking the first time you do it, but if you have all of the correct information there is no need to worry. Here is what you need to know for your upcoming African Safari. Prior to Traveling to […]

High Country Velvet Mule Deer Hunting Report

Idaho high country velvet mule deer hunt. Quest for a 200 inch mule deer.

by Larry Barnes Originally Published in the Oct. 2005 Hunting Report This Outfitter operates in south central Idaho in the Sawtooth Wilderness and the Sawtooth National Forest, where they have exclusive guiding access and special-use permits from the US Forest Service. This is very remote, rugged country. They hunt 225 square miles of wilderness here […]

Hog Shot Placement

Russian wild boar

Hogs aren’t built like deer, but many hunters don’t realize that. Hog shot placement is different. Many hunters hunt wild hogs every year. They are a great off-season species to hunt, but most of these hunters are deer hunters first and fairly inexperienced when it comes to hog hunting. Most of these hunters don’t really […]

I Think Mule Deer are the Largest Challenge with a Bow

Marc Warnke was on the cover of the Winter 2002 Trophy Hunter Magazine

I know some will disagree but I believe that the largest challenge available to a bow hunter is killing a trophy mule deer. So withstanding nay-sayers claims of successful harvest of fleas, flying mergansers, or whatever else you can come up with, I’ll tell you why I feel a trophy mule deer is the ONE. […]

Idaho Cougar Hunting Report

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunting

Just back from guiding a successful Idaho cougar hunting trip in the Frank Church Wilderness. Shane, the other guide and I had some good luck and found a fresh kill on the first evening. The mountain lion had just killed a cow elk minutes before we got there and drug it down to the ice […]

Huge Mountain Lion Killed in Idaho

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunting

Cody R. returned from fighting for us over-seas and got this huge mountain lion while hunting with one of our outfitters in Idaho. They weren’t able to get the cougar to a scale as they were in the back country, but they estimated that the huge mountain lion would weigh close to 200 pounds. Amazingly, […]

Arizona Hunting Unit 12A-East

Arizona Hunting Unit 12 A East

Arizona Hunting Unit 12 A East: Mule Deer | Merriam’s Turkey | Mountain Lion Mule deer hunting in Unit 12A-East on the Kaibab Plateau, is arguably the best trophy mule deer hunting anywhere. Hunters lucky enough to draw an East side Kaibab tag are in store for an incredible hunt. The premium late season rut […]

Alberta Dream Mule Deer

Marc Warnke with his huge Alberta mule deer

by Marc Warnke As seen in the July/August 2007 issue of the Mule Deer Foundation Magazine I am a committed bowhunter and during last year’s Alberta moose hunt with my good friend Mike White, I saw some gagger muleys that I just couldn’t keep out of my mind. Mike owns Legend Outfitting and I’ve been […]

Why You Should Use Hunting Consultants

A lot of hunters wonder why they would need to use a Hunting Consultant

If you plan to hunt in an unfamiliar destination but aren’t sure where to begin, how to choose a reputable outfitter, or just don’t have the time, your first step should be contacting reputable hunting consultants. Even if you think that your dream hunt may be out of reach for you, it’s worth contacting hunting […]

Alaska Black Bear Hunt Review

Alaska black bear hunts

We just received this Hunt Report from Joe Tanis on his recent Alaska vessel-based black bear hunt. We hunted coastal black bear in Alaska in September 2010 from a vessel. We each shot our bear and had a wonderful time on this incredible vessel-based Alaska black bear hunt. Our hunting guide did a great job. […]

Hunt Report – Alaska Archery Mountain Goat Hunt

Bowhunting for mountain goats in Alaska

Chad Bareman just sent this hunt report just in from his recent Alaska archery mountain goat hunt. From the sounds of it, Chad had an awesome archery hunt in Alaska with one of our premier outfitters. In 2009 I did a vessel-based mountain goat hunt with Otto out of Valdez, Alaska. They did a very […]

Alaska Sitka Blacktail Hunt Review – Roughing it, Alaskan Style

AK Sitika Blacktail Hunt

by Tony Arpaia Once again I found myself in Alaska hunting Alaska Sitka Blacktail deer with an option of black bear and sea ducks available as desert. I have hunted with this outfitter in the past and after meeting him again at the Lehigh Valley Chapter annual fundraiser in 2010 we talked about putting an […]

Marco Polo Sheep Facts

Kyrgyzstan Marco Polo sheep hunting

Marco Polo hunting is, to many hunters, the pinnacle of sheep hunting. Here are a few Marco Polo sheep facts: MARCO POLO SHEEP FACTS The Marco Polo argali is a large, long-legged, light-boned argali with the most spectacular horns of all the world’s sheep. The summer coat is light, speckled brown, with the face, chest, […]

Nebraska Archery Antelope Hunt Review

Doak Worley with his 2010 P&Y Nebraska antelope

This is the first year we have offered this antelope hunt and one of our Hunting Consultants went down in late October and checked it out for us. He and his cousin had a great time and we’ve since added this new hunt to our directory as an “O.I. Approved Hunt”. Here is his archery […]

Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt Review

Brown bear hunting with Pacific Mountain Guides.

Brown Bear Hunting

Alaska brown bear hunting can be very dangerous. This hunt gets super dicey when the brown bear charges the hunter and his guide. “At 20-25 yards I could finally see the charging brown bear clearly, mouth open, teeth exposed,…. the Outfitter yelled, “Shooooootttt” and I shouldered my 7mag and pulled the trigger, “Crack” went the centerfire, I loaded again and pulled the trigger again, the 7 mag barked again and his forward progress was slowed quite a bit….” [Read the rest…]

North Carolina Record Black Bear Confirmed

NC Record Black Bear

by It took five years to do it, but the state of North Carolina finally confirmed Billy Walkowiak’s 2004 black bear as the 17th largest North Carolina record black bear ever taken in NC. Billy’s North Carolina record black bear had an official weight of 647 pounds and was estimated to be nine years, […]

Blue Sheep Hunting in Nepal

Hunting blue sheep in Nepal

Trek or fly in a helicopter high into the Himalayas for Blue Sheep hunting in Nepal as well as Himalayan Tahr. In the lowlands wild boars and barking deer can be hunted too. There are a limited number of Blue sheep hunts allowed every year, so booking in advance is very important. The Dhorpatan Hunting […]

Giant 2010 Archery Saskatchewan Mule Deer

Saskatchewan archery mule deer

Saturday morning – saw a GIANT Saskatchewan mule deer feeding out in field with some other bucks, watched him for over 1 hr in my spotting scope, got some pictures through the Vortex. I knew from the first second I saw him he was a true giant but never had him pinned at what he […]

Waiting on Taxidermists…. get used to it.

Africa mounts arrived from the taxidermist

Well last night was the night. After over a year my Africa plains game mounts finally arrived from the taxidermists. I was excited as a kid in a candy store. In this age of instant gratification we all want it now and my Africa Trophies were no exception. For those of you who have ever […]

Idaho 400 bull elk grosses 408 1/8 net 398 3/8 green

Brock's bull gross 408 1/8 net 398 3/8 green B&C

A 400 bull elk is a tough trophy to come by. They are few and far between. Some states produce a few 400 bull elk (gross) every year, but Idaho is not usually one of those. Recently, one of my good friends sent me a text with a photo in it of his cousin. The […]

Alaska Prince of Whales Black Bear Hunting and Fishing Review

A great hunting, fishing combo on Alaska Prince of Wales Island

By Doak Worley I recently traveled to Prince of Whales Island, Alaska for halibut fishing and a self guided Black bear hunt. This could surly be considered a trip of a lifetime for me. I flew out of Seattle to Wrangle Alaska where I met my cousins Monte Downing and Ed Miller, and Dave Hurley […]

Nevada Mule Deer Muzzleloader Success!

Nevada trophy muzzleloader mule deer

This Nevada mule deer buck is a 6X4 with eyeguards. 7 scoreable points on the right and 5 scoreable points on the left. It has tons of mass and some awesome in-lines on the right side. He is really tall and has a lot of character. He ended up scoring 195″! Jeff had found this […]

The War on Rhinos Worsens – Rhino Poaching is Ramping Up

Rhino poaching in South Africa

by African Indaba While legal rhino hunting do exist in some parts of Africa, rhino poaching is still rampant in many areas. A recent flurry of blogs, webpostings and newspaper reports focused on the worsening rhino crisis in Southern Africa. The highly organized rhino poaching syndicates, probably run by Asian mafia-like structures are using state […]

Cancelled Elephant Hunt

elephant hunting in South Africa

This cancelled elephant hunt has been sold. It only lasted one day. However, if you’re wanting a great elephant hunt just let us know and we will help you line up a great one. We have trophy and non-trophy elephant hunting Safaris available. Hi all, we have one discounted/cancelled elephant to be hunted on a […]

An Arizona Elk Called “Wild Thing”

Wild Thing

A Huge 400 inch B&C Arizona Elk by David Pereda This has to be the worst Arizona elk season of all time. No big bulls. No rutting. I wonder if I can get a refund on my tag? I can’t believe I just wasted my bonus points for this. What does an elk look like […]

Colorado Eight-Point Three-Legged Elk

colorado elk hunts

Every year my father, uncle, brother and I get together for a week of non-stop bowhunting in either Colorado, for elk, or North Dakota, for whitetail. This year is like no other, as everyone had a tough year financially and we decided we’ll have to wait until next year to get together. My uncle’s son, […]

Big Game Hunting in Mexico


There aren’t very many places in the world that can rival the hunting in Mexico. Quality hunting for BIG mule deer, coues deer, and desert bighorn sheep hunting found in Old Mexico, but specifically in the state of Sonora. Many bucks and rams die of old age, so opportunities for world class trophies are a […]

Missouri Breaks Sheep Hunting – Monster Montana Bighorn

Monster Ram From Montana Possibly Largest Ever!

A lucky hunter with the one coveted non-resident tag for a Montana Missouri Breaks Sheep, harvested possibly the largest Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep ever taken in the United States! The ram green scored 205 with both horns stretching to 44 1/2″ with over 16″ bases and carries the mass throughout the horn length. The Missouri […]

Possible Nebraska State Record Whitetail

Nebraska State Record whitetail

This will probably be the new Nebraska state record whitetail according to the warden. It will be pictured in Nebraska Land Magazine. The hunter that shot this huge Nebraska buck is only in his mid 20’s. A guy around 60 congratulated him and told him to cherish this because he has never seen anything like […]

Another Wolf Bagged in Salmon Idaho

Idaho wolf hunting

An Idaho wolf hunter shot this wolf just outside her home near Salmon Idaho. While waiting for the pack to make their rounds and come near their home in Salmon Idaho, they looked in the woods below them and there was this wolf. The shot was easy, and what a beauty! Congratulations. The Idaho wolf […]

Big Buck Rescue

locked up whitetail

In South Dakota, someone was deer hunting and spotted a deer in the distance with his head down. It wasn’t moving, and wouldn’t raise it’s head. She grabbed her binoculars and looked at him, and saw that the buck’s horns were locked in the antlers of a dead buck. So she called friends and asked […]

Huge New Mexico Bull Elk Scores 419″ B&C

new mexico elk

Just thought you would like to see a few pictures of a huge New Mexico bull elk shot in on January 30. Larry Knowlton, finally shot the elk of a lifetime after months of agonizing defeat. Larry acquired one of the New Mexico enhancement tags for elk, and on September 1st began a five month […]

Should I Take the Shot? How to Figure Out Your Maximum Bow Range

blue wildebeest archery hunting

A big part of bow hunting is knowing your maximum bow range. What is a legitimate test to discover your maximum bow range? Before you would consider that 40 yard shot you should be able to produce four-inch groups at 40 yards. That is 4 arrows in a 4 inch circle at 40 yards every […]

Gerber EZ Open Knife Review

hunting knife

A few months ago, Rick Young of Rick Young Outdoors sent me an EZ Open knife to review. He sent me the ez open knife after the hunting season, so I wasn’t sure that I would be able to use it until next spring. I did do some mountain lion hunting, but we never caught […]

Turkey Calling Tips

turkey hunting

It’s just about that time of year. I dusted off the turkey calls last night and thought a post on turkey calling tips may be in order. Wild turkey calling takes time and effort to learn, and knowing the basics of wild turkey vocalizations is crucial to being able to use different calls successfully. Wild […]

Choosing a Kids 22 Rifle

This is what I had as a kid. I loved this gun.

I get asked all the time what type of .22 parents should get when choosing a first kids 22 rifle, so I did a little research.

Wolf Hunting 101

Calling wolves can be an effective hunting method

As pretty much everybody knows, wolf season opened here in Idaho temporarily in 2009. I only got out wolf hunting once and didn’t have any success, but I’m going to try harder once they open it up again. Two of my friends got wolves that year and I congratulate them. They worked hard… anyway, I […]

Hunting in South Texas for Exotics and Whitetail Deer


Hey folks, I just spent the morning cutting up four deer that we harvested last week in South Texas while filming some hunting videos. My son Mike was married very young in life and never showed much interest in big game hunting. He loved to shoot birds, but deer hunting was never high on his […]

Do Wolves Keep Forests Nutrient-Rich?


A friend of mine, best selling author and fellow hunter Marc Warnke recently got into an online tussle with an anti-hunter about wolf hunting. They sent him an article from a blog which included all of the “facts” on wolves and how they keep forests nutrient-rich. Neither Marc nor I are wolf haters, but we […]

Muck Boots Review


…I noticed that my guide was wearing a pair of Muck Boots. He said he’d been hunting in his for 4 years & they’re still going strong.

300 Inch Whitetail Deer

300 inch whitetail deer

One of our readers recently sent the following story about a 300 inch whitetail deer he shot. What a monster whitetail! Congratulations Robby. “I was hunting on a ranch in Central Missouri in late October of this year for a typical 200″ whitetail. It was a 50 degree rainy afternoon in the Ozark Mountains where […]

Building Trail, Fishing & Wolves


Thank you to Dayne Shuda of Hunting Business Marketing for naming this post one of the Top 50 Hunting Blog Posts of 2009! My buddy Kris Keller who runs Sulphur Creek Ranch invited us on a wolf hunt / scouting trip for elk season. There was one catch though. We had to help him build […]

Teaming Up for an Idaho Elk Hunt


I’ve been a busy guy the last few years and haven’t gotten out hunting nearly enough. To be honest, I’ve felt like the plumber who has leaky pipes. It’s been frustrating to say the least, but my friend Chris Burget invited me on an Idaho elk hunt. His cabin is in one of Idaho’s best […]

Brooks Range Hunting Report from the Outfitter

dall sheep hunting

One of our Brooks Range hunting outfitters sent us the following email: As I’m in between hunts I thought it would be a good opportunity to send out a quick update of the hunting season we’ve had on the Brooks Range so far. (More to come!) Our dall sheep hunts were 100% with all rams […]

New #1 Argentina Red Stag

record stag

Breaking News: New #1 Argentina Red Stag! We just received the following news from one of our Argentina outfitters: Just wanted to let you know that we are having a very good red stag season so far. Ten days ago we shot the New #1 Record Red Stag in Argentina at one of our ranches. […]

Stedi Stock Review

Steady stock

OK, I’ve gotta admit that I was skeptical when Harold from Stedi Stock contacted me a few months ago wanting me to do a product review. I had seen the product before on hunting shows and was pretty sure that it was just a gimmick. It took me a while to test the product and […]

Big Bears in Idaho


Our Idaho black bear hunting outfitter has had some good success on bears so far this season. There are a lot of bears in Idaho, but their largest of the year is this big color phase bear that was shot over bait within 1/2 mile of the lodge. Ray Christenson was the lucky hunter to […]

Color Phase Bear Numbers in Idaho

Hunt spring black bears in Idaho

It’s almost time to start bear hunting here in Idaho. We can bait here so I always set a few up even though I prefer to spot and stalk with my bow. Here’s a little run down of our bait/trail camera experience a few years ago. I knew we had a high number of color […]

Outdoor Media Resources to Represent Outdoors International


Outdoors International LLC has partnered with a marketing firm, Outdoor Media Resources, to promote our services and the hunting and fishing outfitters we represent. Outdoor Media Resources of Anniston, Alabama, will publicize Outdoors International in the outdoors and shooting sports press. Outdoor Media Resources is a public relations and marketing communications firm with over 20 […]

Tips for Travel to Alberta Canada

Here are some useful pointers to help make travel to Alberta Canada as smooth as possible. This information current as of January 1, 2008, and while the information below is a helpful general summary, it should not be considered official regulations, and is only menat to assist you in preparing for a visit to Alberta. […]

A Good Year For the Girls Hunting in Arizona

Ashlyn got this javelina on Feb. 20, 2009

We’ve had a good year of hunting in Arizona My youngest daughter Ashlyn got another javelina while hunting in Arizona this past weekend. She made a nice 100 yard shot on a 7-8 year old Arizona javelina. Most of these don’t seem to get past 3-4 years old. This one had very few teeth left. […]

Archery Elk – The Heartbreak Bull – Part III

depressed hunter

Conclusion of: The Heartbreak Bull – Part I | Part II …I sat there in my blind for about an hour. Dejected. Depressed. Beaten. I could hear the two bulls above me. Taunting me. I decided I was going after them. I had nothing to lose, it was my last chance. I can’t remember how, […]

Archery Elk – The Heartbreak Bull – Part II


Continued from – The Heartbreak Bull – Part I …Minutes later, we heard another bull screaming about 200 yards away and that scream sounded very familiar. Chills went up my back. Was this the same bull? We ran up to the top of a little hill and started glassing and there he was. He was […]

Archery Elk – The Heartbreak Bull – Part I

Elk bugling

This story is from my 2005 Idaho archery elk season. ~ Cory Glauner Well, it’s the end of an eventful, fun, incredible, yet disappointing archery elk hunting season. I saw some cool stuff and learned a lot. Things started out fast and then they got interesting. I guess I’ll just start from the beginning. Finances […]

Super Slam Completed by Bowhunter Gary Martin

bighorn sheep hunting

“Completing the Super Slam is a journey,” said 54-year-old Gary Martin, an SC Johnson technologist and taxidermist. Gary completed his Super Slam and his Grand Slam of North American wild sheep with this Rocky Mountain bighorn, taken on a hunt in Alberta in November, 2008. He is the 16th bowhunter to complete the North American […]

Northern Idaho Spring Turkeys


Marc Warnke and I did an Orofino, Idaho spring turkey hunt for the last week of the season. He had a spot that he had been hunting for years and knew it well. I was excited to do an Idaho spring turkey hunt with somebody who knew what they were doing, all of my friends […]

Mountain Lion Catch and Release

mountain lion

A friend of mine owns hounds and last weekend he caught and released this small mountain lion in Southern Idaho… as is normal. Hound hunters catch a surprising number (they are nowhere near endangered) of cougars every year and then let almost all of them go. It is a little known fact that most hound […]

Monster Buck “Big Louie” Found Dead by Pheasant Hunters

Here's a trail camera picture of him.

The news is out. After keeping this monster buck a perfect secret all throughout the season “Big Louie” was found dead by pheasant hunters on my friends neighboring property. The 250″ buck was discovered by my friend Darin and his neighbor Mark. Here’s the story. Early season I received a phone call from Darin, my […]

Outfitter Report: 2008 Utah Elk and Mule Deer Success

utah elk hunting

One of our Utah hunting outfitters sent us these pictures from his hunts this year. They had a great season. Their hunters had good success on trophy animals. Here are some of the pictures from this past Utah hunting season. This elk was killed on one of Utah’s premium draw units. These draw units are […]

Craner Family Elk Hunt Part II

idaho elk hunt

For those of you who missed it, this is a continuation of a previous story where Cary’s son, Logan got his first elk. Now on to Cary’s bull hunt. Monday I elk hunted all day in the same two canyons without seeing any elk. Tuesday I decided to hunt the next canyon. I got up […]

Craner Family Elk Hunt – Part I

first elk hunt

A good friend of mine, Cary Craner sent me this story of their family elk hunt this year. He hunts the same areas I do so the exact whereabouts are off limits.” ~Cory Glauner Congratulations Cary and good job getting those kids out there on a family elk hunt. Logan, my son drew a cow […]

Big Piebald Deer Shot by a Hunter


I received these pictures in my email with no story attached, but they are pretty cool. I’ve never seen a piebald deer myself, but I once saw an albino whitetail doe in Northern Idaho. Many folks feel that albino deer and any piebald deer should be protected from hunting. I think they make a great […]

Christina Gets Her First Deer

Deer hunting with kids

Jim Mortensen sent us this story about his 12 year old niece Christina’s first deer. We’re big here on getting kids out to experience the outdoors. It takes a lot of dedication to sacrifice precious time during your hunting season, but it’s worth it. Great job Jim, and thanks for the story. My niece’s first […]

Greg Krogh and Pat Loescher’s AZ Strip Bucks

arizona strip mule deer hunting

The AZ Strip is an incredible mule deer hunt. My wife was lucky enough to draw while I was going to school in Tempe. She got a 211 buck, but that’s another story. I received the following story in my email a while ago and figured that I should share. I met Greg while I […]

South Africa Travel Tips and Firearm Import

Hunting South Africa

For South Africa travel, visitors are required to carry a passport that is valid for six months beyond the intended length of stay. There should be sufficient blank pages for entry stamps upon arrival. Visas are not required for citizens from USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Spain. Visitors can stay for a maximum of […]

“Bent Tine” the Kansas Whitetail

Trophy Kansas Whitetail

Here’s a little story sent in by Jerry Clark. He is an avid Kansas whitetail hunter and his success on big Kansas bucks is incredible. Brace yourself for more from him coming soon. He’ll crack ya up. To set things up, here’s a picture of a nice Kansas whitetail taken earlier this year of the […]

Hunting Stories and Rumors from 2008


I always get these emails about big bucks and bulls, and you never know if the story attached to the pictures are true, but they are impressive!

How to Build a Tree Stand

tree stand

If you want to build a tree stand, and you are (or want to be) a redneck. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it the right way.

Grizzly Attacks Wyoming Bowhunter

wyoming grizzly

This morning I received this amazing story in my email and thought I should share. Here is the email just as I received it: “Many of you know that my brother-in-law, Ron, was attacked by a grizzly bear last weekend in Wyoming , while bow hunting elk with his dad. Ron amazing came through with […]

Huge Utah Bull Elk – The Spider Bull

New World Record Utah Spider Bull Elk

If you like seeing big bull elk… and I’m sure you do. Who doesn’t Check out this video of a monster bull found this summer in Utah. He has been dubbed The Spider Bull and some people think that he will score around 500 or so. Wow. His mass is awesome, and points are going […]

Archery Elk Hunting…. Misery, Elation, Pure Joy

Cory Glauner Idaho archery elk

I was excited about Idaho archery elk season this year. I elk hunted the first few days of Idaho archery season pretty hard and passed up a few cows and small bulls, but it was pretty slow compared to last year. On the third day, we got up early and worked a few bulls. I […]

Equipment Preparation for Hunting Season

Tripod Mounted 15 power Sworovski binoculars

by Brent Martell Equipment: According to Webster’s equipment: 1. the equipping of a person or thing. 2. the state of being equipped. 3. the set of articles or physical resources serving to equip a person or thing: as (1) the implements used in an operation or activity, (2) skip this part- something about farm stuff, […]

Javelina Hunting… Harder Than Expected


While we were living in Tempe, AZ I applied for every hunt that we could. I drew an archery javelina hunting tag and the ex drew a premium late mule deer tag on the Arizona Strip unit 13B… go figure. Like they say, life isn’t fair. The javelina hunt was in January, so I had […]

Clifford Casey Custom Hunting Portraits


Clifford Casey is an artist who specializes in affordable, custom hunting portraits. If you’re having trouble finding a gift for a sportsman in your life, this might be just the ticket.

Pass It On! Get Your Kids Outdoors

take a kid fishing

Over the last twenty-some years kids outdoors playtime has declined by 25%, unstructured outdoor activities have declined by 50 percent, and family dinners have decreased by 33%. How can you gain back some of that lost time while increasing your childs interest in the outdoors? Call me an old (young?) sap, but as a father […]

Idaho Sheep Hunting Outfitter Report

Idaho bighorn sheep hunt

Idaho Sheep Hunting Outfitter Report
Our Idaho sheep hunting outfitter went 3 for 4 on nice rams in Idaho’s Frank Church Wilderness hunting unit 26. This Idaho sheep hunting unit is one of the easiest in the nation to draw.
[Read more…]

Here’s Some More Idaho Bull (Elk)

diy Idaho archery elk hunt

Well, I tried to kill off my buddy elk hunting for eight days but he is a little too tough or stupid, not sure which, to give up on getting his Idaho bull. As with most hunts you have fun, get frustrated, think about heading home early, and then you can’t wait to go do […]

Why You Should Hunt South Africa This Year

Map of South Africa

2008 I’m sure that you are painfully aware of the current state of our global economy. Most of the effects of the global recession have been negative, but there have also been some positive outcomes from the situation as a whole. The value of the South African Rand has recently dipped to its lowest level […]