Texas Turkey Hunting Success

Turkey hunting in Texas

We had a great time Texas turkey hunting. This Texas turkey hunting outfitter has lots of long beards, hogs and deer. My son, Myles, got his turkey within 30 minutes of the first day arriving at the lodge. This ranch was like hunting in a Mississippi river bottom. There are flowing creeks and large trees […]

South Texas Deer Hunting ROCKS!

Cory with his South Texas deer, hog and javelina

The South Texas deer hunting Ranch (management) Hunt is a basic hunting package for a mature buck 4.5 years old or more with up to 150″ B&C.

Bezoar Ibex Hunting in Asia


Ibex Hunting in Asia with an Outstanding Outfitter! Bezoar Ibex hunting is an incredible hunt for one of the most sought after big game trophies in Asia. Their beautiful coats and extraordinarily long horns, which can exceed 50 inches & entice hunters from around the world. Bezoar Ibex have the longest horns of any animal […]

Moose Hunting Facts and How to Choose Where to Hunt Moose

Self guided Alaska moose hunting

As a hunting consultant I am often in conversation with clients looking to go hunt moose for the first time. Moose hunting is something that even the most well traveled high budget hunters only do a few times in their lifetime. Not because they aren’t enjoyable, but more that they are a bucket list species, […]

Our Top Whitetail Hunting Outfitters

A huge 200"+ Illinois Whitetail

With hundreds of thousands of deer hunters in the US and Canada today, bagging a trophy whitetail buck requires research, planning and most of all, choosing the right Outfitter. As hunting consultants, that is where we come in. Our job is to find you the type of hunt that you are looking for with a […]

Outfitter Report: Idaho Wolf Hunting Overview

Wolf on an elk kill

Daily recap of last week’s Idaho wolf hunting trip Day one of Idaho wolf hunting turned out to be rainy in the morning but the afternoon provided for some good weather and allowed some good wolf hunting. Glassed two wolves running the ridge we were actually on late afternoon. Made a game plan and went […]

Elk Hunting in PA – New State Record Non-Typical Elk

New State Record Nontypical Elk in Pennsylvania

Hunting Elk in Pennsylvania Did you know there is a big enough population of elk for a controlled hunt to take place in the state Pennsylvania? In fact there is enough elk for 18 lucky hunters to be able to have a hunt of a lifetime and chase an antlered (bull) elk in the state […]

My Take on High Fence Hunting

Marc with a great South Africa gemsbock

As a hunting consultant I get asked all the time to discuss the issue of high fence hunting with clients who have never done it before. My opinion on this subject comes from my background and experience so let me fill you in there first. I grew up in Idaho bow hunting public land. I […]

Trophy Shipping Options – Clearing Your Own Trophies

Trophy shipping options

There are many trophy shipping options. Here is some good information for those of you who are interested in clearing your own trophies. We went to South Africa and Zimbabwe last summer and will have two crates, including some warthogs (which have to be signed off by USDA), so we had a few trophy shipping […]

Antelope in Nebraska

Antelope in Nebraska

Since 1953, 39,018 rifle hunters harvested 30,963 antelope in Nebraska for an average hunter success of 81 percent.

Pickled Venison Heart Recipe

Preparing a deer heart

So you or someone you know went deer hunting and now you have a venison heart in the freezer and you’re wondering what to do with it… If you’ve never eaten heart you are missing out, it’s good if done right. Here is a recipe for pickled venison heart from one of my friends on […]

So You Want to Go Polar Bear Hunting…

Huge Trophy Polar Bear

Few Hunting Trophies are more desirable than the Polar Bear Here’s what you need to know before you consider heading north to go polar bear hunting. First… It’ll be cold! Can you handle it? Going on a hunt in the arctic without good preparation and top-notch cold-weather gear can get you killed… period! Make sure […]

Hunting Opportunities in Arizona Unit 22

Trophy coues deer hunting in Arizona

Unit 22 AZ North Big Game Hunts The Outfitter that we use in Unit 22 AZ is very successful. We can help you make the most of your Unit 22 hunt and ensure that you will be hunting with a great Outfitter. Elk | Black Bear | Mule Deer | Mountain Lion Elk hunting in […]

Unit 5B North Arizona

Arizona elk hunting guides

Hunting Opportunities in Unit 5B North Arizona The Outfitter that we use in Unit 5B North Arizona has been very successfully for our clients. We can help you make the most of your Unit 5B North hunt and ensure that you will be hunting with a great Outfitter. Elk | Black Bear | Mule Deer […]

Things to Consider When Hunting Marco Polo Sheep

kyrgyzstan marco polo hunting

Altitude Hunting Marco Polo sheep is a very high altitude endeavor. Generally hunting camps are located around 10,000 feet above sea level, with the actual hunting taking place at elevations up to 15,000 feet or more. Acclimatization, or adjusting to that altitude, requires special techniques and medication. Experts recommend really taking it easy the first […]

Whitetail SLAM – The Ultimate Deer Hunting Challenge

The Whitetail SLAM Map

Whitetail SLAM, LLC (www.WhitetailSLAM.com) is pleased to announce the official launch of Whitetail SLAM-a new multimedia platform that will educate, honor, recognize and award North American whitetail hunters who join the quest for a Whitetail SLAM. The mission of Whitetail SLAM is to give every hunter a slam they achieve hunting North America’s most popular […]

The Tian Shan Argali is a Sub-Species of Marco Polo Sheep

tien shan argali

The Tian Shan Argali (Ovis amon kerelini) is also called Argali del Tian Shan, and Argali du Tian Shan, but most hunters consider all Argali’s Marco Polo Sheep. DESCRIPTION & TAXONOMY The Tian Shan argali category is divided into two races: heinsii and karelini. The karelini was described from the Ala Tau range north of […]

Travel Insurance for Hunters

World Map

Travel insurance is well worth the investment, and peace of mind Outdoors International HIGHLY recommends that you protect yourself with travel insurance policies providing for medical evacuation and for lost/stolen baggage, and trip cancellations. Our hunting consultants will do their very best to see that you do not have to use it, but having travel […]

Mountain Lion Facts

Mountain lion facts

By T. R. Mader, Research Director | Abundant Wildlife Society of North America Mountain lions, also known as cougars, panthers, or pumas, are highly efficient predators. These cats have a wide range throughout the Western states, and populations are increasing. An individual cat’s range depends on food availability. Thus, a range can vary from 10 […]

A Guide to Hunting the Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear

Hunting for coastal brown bears in Alaska

With magnificent scenery, fantastic fresh air, and a terrain that ranges from river valleys teeming with spawning salmon, to a shoreline full of whales and walrus, Alaska Peninsula brown bear hunting is one of the best hunting experiences in the world. The Bears The Alaskan brown bear looks and acts just like the North American […]

South Texas Deer Hunting with the Outdoors International Team

Cory with his South Texas deer, hog and javelina

While a lot of us were still recovering from the holiday hustle and bustle Cory Glauner, Marc Warnke and Trevor Brittingham of Outdoors International are in South Texas deer hunting, and testing their Kryptek Gear in some different country. The first morning of the South Texas deer hunting trip proved to be a rather successful […]

Elk Hunting in Arizona – The Top 5 Units

330 Arizona elk taken in Late Season Unit 10

The Top Five Units for Elk Hunting in Arizona (in our opinion) Unit 10 Unit 10 is our #1 pick for the best unit for elk hunting in Arizona. With incredible genetics, it produces 400 class bulls every year, even on the drought years. Besides the genetics, Unit 10 is very easy to hunt. The […]

Alberta Grizzly Bear Caught on Trail Cam

Alberta grizzly bear caught on a trail cam

Wow did I just have a few incredible in the bush! Have a moose hunter up from Pennsylvania right now and boy did we get a dandy Canadian moose…. and also had a run in with an Alberta grizzly bear! Might not sound too exciting but we are not supposed to grizzlies here! While we […]

Mule Deer Hunting on the AZ Strip Units 13A and 13B

The best Outfitter for hunting mule deer in premium Arizona hunting units 13a, 13b, 12 and more...

The AZ Strip. Arguably the best mule deer hunting. Mule deer bucks over 200″ B&C are taken EVERY year on the AZ Strip, but hunters usually have to wait a decade or longer to hunt mule deer on the AZ Strip. The success rate in the draw is 1%. Don’t gamble your success on hoping […]

AVOID: Larry Bryant of Kamchatka Russia Fly Fishing

I’m writing this article with duty in mind to fellow hunters in telling them about which Outfitters to avoid when booking a hunt. Our story begins with a good relationship with Larry Bryant of Kamchatka Russia Fly Fishing. Larry Bryant was our “eyes on the ground” in Kyrgyzstan for our Ibex and Marco Polo hunts. […]

VIDEO: Early Season Elk Hunt


Early Season Elk Hunt: Enjoy this Early season archery elk hunt hunt sequence where Outdoors International’s Marc Warnke works in on an early season bull elk in the Rocky Mountains with his bow in hand. Marc and his cameraman, Trevor Brittingham started two hours before light climbing almost two thousand feet in elevation to get […]

A Tips Guide for Your Hunting Trip… How Much to Tip a Guide?

Tipping your guide

Because hunting guides are part of the service industry, it is customary, but not always expected, that a guide receives a gratuity from the client. Here’s a tips guide for your next guided hunt: Recommended Tip for Your Next Hunt A typical tip for a hunting guide is between 10-20% of your hunt or daily […]

Leopard Hunting Tips

Leopard shot placement

The leopard is one of the most sought after hunting trophies, but also one of the hardest to come by. Here are a few leopard hunting tips for you: Leopards are solitary, and predominately nocturnal. They are clever and very wary. Success rates in leopard hunting is much lower than with most other species. If […]

Tips for Hunting in Alaska

Tips for Hunting in Alaska

Talk to a Consultant about Hunting in Alaska » Planning and preparation are key to a successfully hunting in Alaska. Talk with your hunting consultant to determine the best areas, Outfitter and times to hunt the species you seek. Purchase reliable equipment, and practice with it ahead of time. Be prepared physically and mentally for […]

South Dakota Pheasant Hunt Review


South Dakota Pheasant Hunt Review
We hunted birds for three days and since most of the corn was already cut, there were pheasants everywhere! It was the perfect South Dakota pheasant hunt.
[Read more…]

Field Judging Caribou

Russ Meyer Alaska Caribou

Caribou have unique and complex antlers, so field judging caribou can be very tricky. They are the most difficult of North America’s big game animals to score. Boone and Crockett recognizes five individual antler features that figure into the scoring of caribou. No other antlered species shows greater variety. There is no such thing as […]

Outfitter Report: Nebraska Pre Rut Deer Hunting

Nebraska whitetail

Here are two bucks taken in Nebraska during the archery pre rut deer hunting season this past week (11/8/2011) at our Red Cloud Ranch in south-central Nebraska. One was taken by the Outfitter with a compound bow spotting and stalking to 20 yards, and the other by our hunter Jim Sanchez from a ladder stand […]

Client Report: Dream Hunt for Elk in Northern Idaho

Russ and Leonard with Leonard's bull elk from Boulder Creek Outfitters

Leonard Vierra and Russ Meyer Hi Russ, Attached is my testimony and pictures of my “Dream Hunt” I just went on in Idaho. Lil and I are truly blessed to have made new friends. Your efforts have put me on cloud 9 for a lifetime. Many thanks to Carole for supporting us when you were […]

VIDEO: Hunting Wolves with Eagles in Mongolia

Berkutchi Falconers

In western Mongolia, an ancient tradition of Hunting Wolves with Eagles is still alive. We know from history that Genghis Khan had 1,000 hunting birds – eagles, falcons and gyrfalcons – and so did Kubla Khan. There were protected areas in the steppe marked with stones where only the khans were allowed to hunt. Hunting […]

Archer Shoots His Own Hand


This photo was supposedly taken on a cell phone last week after the guy took his friend bowhunter to Bass Pro Shop to buy his first bow. The clerk was ‘assisting’ him in zeroing it in, and, after shooting several arrows, making adjustments etc., the clerk accidentally handed him an arrow that was too short. […]

B&C Confirms Wade Ward’s Oklahoma State Record Whitetail

B&C Confirms Wade Ward's 188-Inch Typical Oklahoma State-Record Archery Buck

Hunting during a cold snap on January 11, 2011, Wade Ward finally shot the new Oklahoma state record whitetail, a huge 14-pointer he’d been tracking on his trail camera for two years. The buck turned out to be the Sooner State’s third largest typical—and the largest ever taken with archery equipment. “We’d have 2 or […]

New Ohio Record Whitetail Shot by a Bow Hunter

Ronnie Stevens Ohio Whitetail

One of our clients just sent this story of a new Ohio record whitetail to us: Right in my back door. I am telling you the next world record typical whitetail will come from Ohio in the next couple years. There is a typical 16-pointer right across my street that will be right up there […]

Wolf Attacks Woman in Idaho (updated)


In an email from her son: Last night I received a phone call from my mother who lives in Headquarters. She informed me that on Sunday while bow hunting she was attacked by a wolf. A few of you know that she is not your typical mother or grandmother. She has worked as a professional […]

New World Record Typical Mule Deer

George Harms New World Record Typical Mule Deer

George Harms shot the new World Record typical mule deer in Mexico with his bow in 2009. It officially scores 205 0/8 P&Y and exceeds the previous world record typical mule deer that was taken in Colorado in 1979 which scores 203 1/8. With all of the political turmoil in Mexico for the last few […]

Sub Species of Elk: American Elk, Roosevelt Elk and Tule Elk

Six subspecies of elk

There are at least six sub species of elk according to biologist Olaus Murie, who studied them extensively over his lifetime. Of the six sub species of elk in North America, there are three sub species of elk with hunt-able populations classified by the Boone and Crockett club. The American Elk, the Roosevelt Elk and […]

Field Judging Elk

Tips on field judging elk

Field judging elk really isn’t that difficult if you use these simple tips. For field judging elk, keep in mind that a typical American elk, Boone and Crockett requires a minimum of 360 points to enter the Awards Book, and 375 points for entry into the All-time Records Book. For most bulls, inside spread is […]

Life Lessons Learned While Elk Hunting

Elk hunting

I’ve hunted a lot of elk. I’ve guided a lot of elk hunts as well. If I’ve learned one thing it’s that elk hunting parallels life… and life isn’t fair.

VIDEO: Idaho Archery Elk Hunt

The OI Team with Marc Warnke's Idaho bull

Watch the Outdoors International Team get it done in style in this Idaho archery elk hunt video. Bowhunting for elk is a tradition for the Outdoors International team, and the 2011 season was no exception… as this Idaho archery elk hunt video will prove. The season started slow compared to previous seasons, although on the […]

Montana Woman Charges Grizzly, Saves Boy


Check out this wild tale written by Rich Landers in The Spokesman-Review via Missoulian.com: A young woman on a big horse charged out of the pack of grizzly bear stories this summer near Glacier National Park. In a cloud of dust, the 25-year-old wrangler likely saved a boy’s life while demonstrating that skill, quick-thinking and […]

Archery Oregon Elk Hunting Report

John Simpson Archery Oregon Elk

One of our clients just got home from an archery Oregon elk hunt. He was excite to get his first ever bull elk. He and his father were hunting with one of our elk hunting Outfitters in Oregon. Congratulations John! This Oregon elk hunting outfitter hunts in the best units in Eastern Oregon, primarily on […]

Kryptek Hunting Apparel

Kryptek Hunting Apparel

A Little History On Kryptek Gear: Kryptek has introduced a technical hunting clothing line that has Military tactical apparel attributes imbedded in it. Many of these features have come to fruition from years of combat in ultra extreme conditions and environments. They saw that the hunting apparel industry was lacking a technical clothing line that […]

Customs Declaration Form 4457

We advise that all International travelers fill out a Customs Declaration Form 4457 to avoid a potential costly hassle. Here at Outdoors International it is not only our duty to help our clients find the best hunts around the world, but also help them with them solve problems with International travel before they happen. That […]

South African Cape Buffalo Hunt

Hunting cape buffalo in South Africa

This South African Cape Buffalo hunt takes place on a 25,000 – 30,000 acre ranch with a herd of 300-400 buffalo. This hunt does take place behind a high fence as does every South Africa cape buffalo hunt, however the property is VERY large (25,000 to 30,000 acres). There are some HUGE bulls available. Get […]

Hunting Too Hard?


I was thinking about my 2008 season and the adventures I had taken and the people I had met. I must tell you that if it were not for the outdoor experiences I would not have met these people. Living in Nevada, everything involving Big Game requires a draw and I was lucky enough to […]

Tips for Americans Bringing Firearms to Canada


It bringing firearms to Canada used to be easy for hunters. Unfortunately, those days are gone forever. Security concerns have made crossing the border with firearms, trophies, or game meat far more complex. Here’s a quick run down of what a traveling hunter needs to know. Prepare in Advance Research the firearms and game transport […]

Bowhunting in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Map

Bowhunting in Zimbabwe wasn’t legal until 1989, when the government began to allow bowhunting under special exception of the law, and in 1999 Zimbabwe officially opened bowhunting under new legislation. Bowhunting in Zimbabwe may only take place on private (alienated) Land or tribal (communal) Land. Bowhunting on National Parks Safari Areas is illegal in Zimbabwe. […]

Field Judging Eland

Field Judging Trophy Eland

The Eland is the largest species of antelope in Africa and one of its’ most sought after spiral horned trophies. While field judging Eland, body size and appearance is the easiest way to confirm the maturity of a possible trophy bull. When field judging Eland, a few characteristics are to be considered: Mature Eland bulls […]

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunt Report

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunting

One of our hunters just got back from another successful wilderness, horseback Idaho mountain lion hunt. Conditions were rough because there was no snow. They rode lots of miles on the horses, but never could cut a fresh track on the dry ground. They found a lot of kills, but they were mostly wolf kills. […]

Idaho Bear Hunting

Idaho black bear hunting

We went Idaho bear hunting after work last Thursday… it was raining, sleeting and snowing on way up to the tree stand. At 8:00 p.m. I saw the big cinnamon color phase bear that I was at full draw on a week prior cruising the perimeter but he decided at the last minute not to […]

A Utah Easter Hog “Hunt” – Hog Hunting in Utah

Russian wild boar

Hog hunting in Utah you ask? Well, kind of… For the past few years we have gone camping with my wife’s family in Utah during Easter weekend. Our traditional Easter camping spot is about a mile or so away from a big ranch loaded with exotic game including Russian Boar and I’m intrigued every time […]

Scoring Cape Buffalo

Scoring cape buffalo

When scoring cape buffalo, keep one thing in mind: A good cape buffalo is an old cape buffalo. An old cape buffalo is fairly easy to field judge. You just need to look at the boss and a few other factors. First, look for a well developed hard boss, as this will determine that the […]

Cape Buffalo Facts and Hunting Tips

Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo – Cyncerus Caffer The Cape buffalo is a large African bovine whose aggressive, unpredictable nature makes it highly dangerous to hunt. For that reason, the Cape buffalo is one of the most highly regarded big game animals and a member of the “big five”. Known as “Black Death” in Africa, it kills over […]

How to Obtain a US Passport


Passport Application Process Before my first International hunting trip I didn’t know where to start in the passport application process, how much it would cost or how long it would take. I bet there are a lot of you out there in the same boat, so here is what I found out. ————————— A passport […]

Elephant Hunting – An Alternative View

An alternative view on elephant hunting

By: Garth Owen-Smith, Co-director of IRDNC Namibia Over the past years the escalating media frenzy, sensational headlines and misinformation over the Ministry of Environment and Tourism’s issuing of trophy elephant hunting permits in Namibia has been incredible. Having worked as an agricultural official in the then Kaokoveld (1968-70), I was in charge of the Endangered […]

Elk Hunting Review: The Misadventures of Rance and Dave

elk hunting

Three or four elk hunting seasons ago, I guided Dave Brucken and Dr. Rance Gamblin on an Idaho archery elk hunt. Dave works for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and wrote a story about our little adventure that was later published in their Bugle Magazine. He and I have stayed in touch and he has […]

Mountain Lion Kills Wolf

Mountain lion kills wolf near Garden Valley

Mountain lion kills wolf? Never heard of that one before, but supposedly some hound hunters ran this mountain lion near Garden Valley a few weeks ago. The lion hunters heard a big fight going on and by the time they got there, the mountain lion was treed over a dead wolf. Pretty cool. Predator Interaction […]

Idaho Turkey Hunting – First Outing

Marc Warnke with an Idaho Rio Grande Turkey

There is nothing like the first hard hunt of the season after the long winter months here in Idaho… the chance to get out, doe some Idaho turkey hunting, stretch your legs, and take in that mountain air. My opportunity came last month when co-worker, Marc Warnke, and I needed to visit one of our […]

South Africa Lion Hunting Review

South Africa lion hunt

I hunted two years ago I went on my first African Safari and the PH has kept in touch and baited me with the opportunity of South Africa Lion Hunting. I eventually took the bait and in the end booked myself and both of my sons for the trip to South Africa. When hunting the […]

Alaska Mountain Goat Hunt Report

alaska mountain goat hunting

Our Alaska Mountain Goat Hunting outfitter sent us his year end Alaska Mountain Goat Hunt Report: Well, here’s my post season Alaska mountain goat hunt report: The vessel-based Alaska goat hunting season is over and we went 100% on big billies. We had hunters from all over the world, including: Italy, Hungary, and Norway. This […]

Venison Pot Roast Recipe – Redneck Soul Food

Venison Pot Roast Recipe

When I think of Soul Food, I think venison pot roast. Remember the homemade meals mom and grandma used to labor over for hours in the kitchen. This venison pot roast recipe filled the house for hours with the unmistakable aroma of love. These meals were the kind of meals childhood memories are made of […]

What To Consider When Booking a Baited Bear Hunt


I have killed multiple baited bear with archery equipment in Canada and in the Lower 48. I have also baited bear for myself for multiple bear hunting seasons here in my home state of Idaho. Hunting for baited bear can be a lot of fun because of the amount of activity you will have if […]

Texas Exotics Hunt Review

Black Hawaiian Ram - Texas Exotic Hunting with Rio Bonito Ranch

I recently went Texas exotics hunting. Marc set me up on a great hunt at an incredible hunting lodge and I stayed and hunted for two weeks. For most of the Texas exotics hunt I sat in a blind, but on this day, instead of sitting in a hide my guide (Teddy) and I decided […]

Blazing Saddles – Idaho Bear Hunting

That old Toyota burned to the ground. It was impressive.

It started as just a regular Idaho bear hunting season and it became an obsession. I was guiding bear hunters in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains and a group of hunters from Wisconsin had sent us some trail cameras. We had six well-established baits spread over our Idaho bear hunting area and they were already getting hit […]

Illinois Whitetail Hunt Review

trophy illinois whitetail

Illinois whitetail hunt review by Steve Lewellen There are weeks where everything in the woods seems to come to life. This happens twice a year, once with the first warm day of spring and the other the peak of the rut. Everything seemed to come together the week of Nov 15 for my Illinois whitetail […]

Field Judging Mule Deer

mule deer

The Holy Grail of mule deer hunting is the 30 inch buck. Most hunters have 30 inches on their mind and that is all they think about, however it doesn’t always take that coveted 30-inch spread to make a trophy mule deer buck. In fact, there are many mule deer in the record books with […]

Dreaming of Africa

kudu hunting in South Africa

Every now and then I have one of those nights that I just can’t sleep because I’m dreaming of an African Hunting Safari. I really don’t know why either, next week I am going on a coues deer hunt in southern Arizona. This is a really great hunt and I should be counting coues deer […]

Scoring Mule Deer


So you got a big mule deer buck and you want to know what he scores. Here are all the resources you will need for scoring mule deer. When you’re done, send us pics and your story. *You may also want to read this article on field judging mule deer. It will give you some […]

What to consider when booking your first trip to South Africa

Hunting South Africa

There are several things to consider when you are booking your first trip to South Africa. I’ll start with the one of the misconceptions that I come across all the time when working with clients. Ninety-nine percent of South Africa hunting is behind high-fence. For many hunters, including myself, Africa is their first high-fence hunting […]

How to Score a Turkey

turkey scoring

It’s that time of year to get out in the woods for some turkey hunting. While most turkey hunters don’t really ever score their bird, here’s how to score a turkey if you’re interested. There are three measurements that you use to score a turkey. Weight, beard length, and spur length. Weigh your turkey on […]

Alaskan Bear Hunting Report

Trophy brown bear hunt

Here is a Alaskan Bear Hunting Report just in from one of our Outfitters. Their spring Alaska Brown Bear hunting season was a complete success. By the way, we still have a few brown bear spots available, as well as a few grizzly bear spots. If you’re interested, you better hurry because these bear hunts […]

Over The Counter Hunting Tags in Arizona

Arizona mule deer hunt

Many hunters don’t realize that Arizona hunts aren’t all limited entry and hard to draw. There are some good over the counter hunting tags in Arizona. It’s a little known fact that you can purchase over the counter hunting tags in Arizona for many big game species. You can make plans to experience Arizona’s great […]

Hunting Preparation Will Help You Sleep the Night Before a Big Hunt

Do you have trouble sleeping before a big hunt?

I know we have all had trouble sleeping the night before a big hunting trip. It usually plays out like this; after you have done your hunting preparation and everything is packed and ready to go for the morning, and you finally get to bed. Then just as your head hits the pillow you think […]

Kansas Deer Hunting Review: One Happy Texan

Kansas archery hunting

Here is another great Kansas deer hunting review for our Kansas Whitetail Outfitter. If you’ve ever even thought about hunting in Kansas, this is the hunt for you. This Kansas deer hunting review was easy for me to write. My wife gave me the option of an elk hunt or Kansas whitetail this year, I […]

Arizona Black Bear Hunting Facts

Hunting Arizona black bears in the Prickly Pears

Most hunters know all about the great deer and elk hunting found in Arizona but very few hunters realize that Arizona black bear hunting is VERY good. With a great population of record book size black bears, it is a good place to hunt. Arizona black bears tend to run slightly smaller in body size […]

Nevada Mountain Lion Hunt Review

Mountain Lion hunting in Nevada with Boulder Creek Outfitters

I just wanted to drop you a line for a Nevada mountain lion hunt review and let you know about the wonderful mountain lion hunt my partner and I had in Nevada. There’s not much to say on this Nevada mountain lion hunt review other that it was a fantastic hunt from start to finish. […]

How to Prepare for Hunting Pronghorn with a Bow

Nebraska antelope hunting

Pronghorn antelope can be tough to hunt, so to be successful you need to prepare for hunting pronghorn with a bow. One thing to know as you prepare for hunting pronghorn with a bow, is that anything can spark their interest and they will come and check it out. Antelope are also very territorial, probably […]

New Zealand Tahr Hunting Adventure

I was stoked with my first bull and he is currently becoming a shield-mount.

Well I am back home after an awesome time on my New Zealand tahr hunting adventure. Certainly Tahr hunting is one of the toughest things you will ever do, but there is something about it that draws you in, and one thing is for sure; you will go back and do it again, as I […]

Record Elk Found Stuck in Mud Alive in Minnesota

Record elk found stuck in the mud in Minnesota

On December 12, 2010, Ryan Muirhead was whitetail hunting on the final day of Minnesota’s muzzleloader season. What he found was a huge 9 x 10 record elk pinned flat on its back, alive, with its massive antlers stuck in the mud. Even though the elk found stuck in mud was still alive and he […]

New Idaho State Record California Bighorn Sheep

Brad Visser with his Idaho California Bighorn Sheep

This huge new Idaho state record California Bighorn sheep was taken by Brad Visser this fall in Southwestern Idaho. It will shatter the current Idaho state record for California bighorn sheep. The California bighorn sheep Ovis canadensis californiana is considerably smaller than the Rocky Mountain bighorn, with rams of the same age weighing as much […]

VIDEO: Blown Opportunity on Spot and Stalk Bear Hunting

color phase black bear

Even though there isn’t an awesome kill scene at the end, you should watch this spot and stalk bear hunting video. It just might make you feel better the next time you miss. It happens to all of us eventually. In fact, it’s happened to me more times than I care to admit. Oh well, […]

Idaho Elk Hunt Report from the Outfitter

Idaho trophy elk hunting

Elk hunt report from our Idaho Wilderness Elk Outfitter: Here is an elk hunt report from our first two hunts we’ve had so far. Our first elk hunter (Greg) was a bit excited when we called in a bull, and missed a mature 6×6. Then on his second opportunity, two days later, he shot and […]

Archery Idaho Elk Hunting Review

Idaho archery elk hunt with Boulder Creek Outfitters

My elk hunting review for this hunt: My opinion on this elk hunting review is that this was overall a great Idaho archery hunt. We did not see a ton of elk, but we were into bugling bulls every day. Pretty tough to ask for more than that. It was a two on one guided […]

Client Review: New #2 Idaho Record Mountain Lion

The #2 Idaho Mountain Lion taken with Boulder Creek Outfitters

My mountain lion is the biggest cat killed in Idaho in the last 21 years. He is the new #2 record mountain lion in Idaho and ranked #10 all time Boone and Crockett. This was an unbelievable hunt! I had a great time. The mountain lion hunt consisted of driving road in a truck and […]

Idaho Mule Deer Elk Combo Hunts Review

Elk hunting with Boulder Creek Outfitters

by Chris Burget Opening day of Idaho mule deer elk combo season, October 10th 2009 outside Grangeville, Idaho was a memorable one. Earlier this year I was invited by a good friend of mine Dave Suder to join him and 12 of his employees and clients for some mule deer elk combo hunts. Leaving Ketchum, […]

Grizzly Bear Chasing a Bison Down a Highway in Yellowstone

Grizzly chasing a bison down the road in Yellowstone

from Field and Stream Alex Wypyszinski, a retired professor and amateur photographer, shot this amazing series of photos of a grizzly bear chasing down an injured bison when he stopped to take photos of geysers in Yellowstone National Park in May. He works in the contract post office at Old Faithful in the park and […]

Hunter PR – Improving Our Public Image As Hunters

archery hunters

When we as hunters consider what we love to do, which is hunt, we must think about the messages we send out to the non-hunters who vote for that right. Hunter PR is very important. We must be conscious of the way we speak about our sport at all levels. One area that I hear […]

Mountain Lion Predation on Bighorn Sheep – Amazing Photos

Mountain Lion vs Bighorn Sheep

Information and an incredible series of photos showing mountain lion predation on bighorn sheep. The mountain lion is neither threatened, endangered, or at risk. Mountain lions are the most broadly distributed large mammal species in North America.

British Columbia Grizzly Bear Hunt Review

John Carlson Grizzly

It was already dark when my wife answered the satellite call, “Hello! Did you get one?” As I replied, “Yes! It’s a beautiful silvertip.” My voice cracked, my knees buckled, and tears filled my eyes. All of the emotions and fatigue hit at that moment. I really don’t remember much more of the conversation. As […]

Kamchatka Brown Bear Hunts

russia kamchatka brown bear

Kamchatka brown bear hunts have very high success rates! The Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia has the highest density of brown bears in the world. Kamchatcka brown bear hunts are good! This Kamchatka Brown Bear Hunts Outfitter offers both Spring and Fall Russia Brown Bear hunts on the Kamchatka peninsula. Both hunts are equally good, with […]

British Columbia Moose Hunt Review

Joe Omara moose hunt in British Columbia

Submitted by Joe Omara While on my British Columbia moose hunt this past fall I was able to do the most exciting stalk of my life! Right into the center of a herd of moose! The day began as normal – busting my butt climbing a steep ridge trying to keep up to my guide, […]