25 Ways to NOT BE a Victim on your next hunting trip!

Cory Glauner TruckFire_(3)

As hunters we all like to think that we are pretty competent when it comes to taking care of ourselves, being aware of our surroundings and being able to take action when needed. None of us likes to think it will happen to you… You’re on your adventure, your dream trip/hunt, the one you have been saving up for, and everything is going great until you find yourself in a crowded airport or walking th … [Read more...]

GEAR REVIEW: Survival Slingshot

Survival slingshot

I recently tried the Survival Sling Shot and was impressed with it's construction, and power. As they say... this is not a toy. Not only is it extremely well made, it comes with a crazy amount of accessories that allow this unit to be the most advanced sling shot I'm aware of. I am still getting my accuracy down but I can easily see that it has all the power necessary to take down a squirrel or … [Read more...]

Importance of America’s Hunting Culture

The importance of maintaining America's hunting culture

The media often demonizes hunting. You see it all the time. Media outlets focus on highlighting egocentric hunters who poise defiantly over their slain game, creating the portrayal of hunting as merciless and barbaric. Rarely do you see the other side of hunting, not just as a sport, but as a socially relevant way of life. Hunting actually yields many benefits within American society, both in … [Read more...]

Lost your passport overseas…NOW WHAT?

African Hunting Safaris

What to Do if You Lose Your Passport Abroad You’ve just finished up your dream hunt, you have spent 10 days in the Mountains of Tajikistan pursuing a Trophy Marco Polo ram. You are exhausted and yet totally energized from the challenge of hunting in some of the most remote terrain in the world and most of all you successfully harvested a tremendous 59” ram. You get to the hotel in Dushanbe aft … [Read more...]

Don’t Make These Turkey Hunting Mistakes


A turkey's intelligence may not be as important as their sharpness of senses if you are looking for a successful hunt. However, one should account for both as the theory that turkeys are dumb animals might not necessarily be true. Oddly enough, even though turkeys have no external ears, they are still equipped with a keen sense of hearing. Their visual field is about 270 degrees, allowing … [Read more...]