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Hunt Report – Kyrgyzstan Ibex and Marco Polo

Kyrgyzstan ibex hunt. Kyle Hawkins

People don’t know what they are missing out on. Just because Kyrgyzstan end in “stan” doesn’t mean you wont make it back alive. An unbelievable experience of a lifetime! Your Name: Kyle Hawkins Your Location: Texas Your Agents Name: Russ Meyer Trip Taken: Kyrgyzstan Ibex and Marco Polo Combo Hunt Hunt Date: November 5-17th, 2014 […]

Hunt Report – Archery Alaska Mountain Goat


I’ve been on a lot of hunts over the past years, and can honestly say this one of my best trips to date! With animals in every direction, the hardest decision was figuring out which Goat we were going after. That is a true rarity these days. I can’t wait to go back to hunt […]

South Dakota Pheasant Hunt Review


Outdoors International donated this South Dakota pheasant hunt through the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Dan Wolfe, from Indiana bought the hunt at the auction and brought six of his friends. We would like to thank Dave Brucken of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. The Wolfe group had a ton of fun on their pheasant hunt! […]

South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Myths


Myth No. 1: Most of the birds are shot when the South Dakota pheasant season opens. It’s a tradition like no other… an opening weekend pheasant hunt in South Dakota. Each year, outdoor enthusiasts from around the world re-visit the state where they have been developing traditions, friendship and memories for generations. In addition to […]

Drawing Tags vs. Guaranteed Tags

Guaranteed Tags

The intent of this post is to present the pros and cons of the “accumulate points, draw a tag, and then find an outfitter system” versus the “get a guaranteed tag along with your guided hunt system.” Let’s first clarify one important point in this article. I’m speaking to hunters looking to go on an […]

Hunt Report – New Zealand Safari

Big red stag

This was my first time to travel to New Zealand. I went to hunt red stag and tahr and had an incredible time. It turned into a New Zealand Safari. I flew thru Sydney on my way to Christchurch. I spent 1 day in Sydney and flew to CC the next day arriving late at […]

Hunt Report – DIY Alaska Moose Hunt Drop Camp

Darin Cooper Moose

This DIY Alaska moose hunt was everything I had hoped for. We were dropped off with a well equipped camp in a great area. We were in the moose the entire time and were able to harvest two good bulls with our bows. I was already making plans to return before the float plane picked […]

They Grow ‘em Pretty Big in Arizona


The 2013 application deadline for an Arizona archery elk tag was rapidly approaching and I found myself in a dilemma. I had stopped applying in 2008… I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. My original plan was to chase a top unit to the end. For some reason I had all but given […]

Hunt Report – BC Mtn Goat/Elk Combo

Mike Ressler Mountain Goat

I like the fact that someone from OI has been on this specific mtn goat hunt and can intelligently fit the hunter with a hunt they can physically do and enjoy.

Alaska hunting season 2014

Huge caribou

Wow, it’s a pretty easy task to give review of our 2014 Alaska hunting season! On our spring hunts we didn’t manage to find a bear to top our 2013 New SCI #1 World Record Grizzly Bear, but our hunters took two great 8-foot plus grizzlies. April 2013 SRL hunter Bob Steed took what has […]

Hunt Report – Mtn. Goat, British Columbia

Boone and Crocket Mountain Goat

This trip far exceeded my expectations! Marc put me on the best hunt I’ve been on! Tom the outfitter has an outstanding operation from all aspects. His guide Corey worked so hard to make my hunt successful. I would recommend this hunt to anyone looking for a goat hunt. Be in shape!!!! Your Name: Matt […]

2014 Alaska Hunting Season Review

Alaska Brown bear hunting

Here’s a rundown of the 2014 Alaska Hunting Season from our Alaska outfitter, as well as what’s new for next hunting season. Spring Brown Bear Hunts Last year we had a Spring bear hunt on the Alaska peninsula, and the weather was polar opposite from our last spring hunt two years ago. That year we […]

“The Struggle” – 2014 Antelope Hunting Video


Archery antelope hunting this year gave Jess and Russ Meyer a tough time. They had some close calls and saw tons of speed goats. Hunting isn’t easy but that is all a part of “The Struggle”. Here is a short video from the season: As hunters, we’ve all been there, and sometimes our best seasons […]

Red Stag Hunting Information

red stag hunting

Have you heard the roar of the red stag during the rut? Cervus elaphus a close cousin of the larger American Elk or Wapiti , Russian Maral, and Sika stag (Cervus nippon), red deer have been introduced around the world as “Exotics” from New Zealand to Texas and Kentucky; originating in Europe there are other […]

North Carolina Record Book Deer

North Carolina record book deer

Davidson County, North Carolina man just took an enormous non-typical buck with his crossbow. This new North Carolina record book deer scores approximately 190″, likely largest ever taken with archery equipment in North Carolina. Steven Davis, a North Carolina firefighter shot a monster non-typical buck last week with his crossbow after patterning it’s feeding habit […]

Kenetrek breakthrough in boot technology

Everstep boots by Kenetrek

Kenetrek Launches EverStep Orthopedics A lot of our Kenetrek customers tell us about the support they receive from their boots, and how Kenetrek hikers and mountain boots feel “therapeutic“compared to their old boots. So when a physician came to us with an idea for an Orthopedic boot, we were intrigued. He had a lot of […]

Elk Decoy Setup Guide by Montana Decoy

Elk Decoy Setup Guide

by Montana Decoy Some great information on how to use an elk decoy by professional elk hunters, such as Fred Eicler. The post rut is my favorite time to decoy elk. Bulls seem to be a little more vocal and bugling to find that last cow in heat. This time of year, you can really […]

Black Gold / Kershaw Knives Giveaway


First, “LIKE” the pages below to qualify: Winner will be selected on Friday, September 19th at 10 PM MST. Multiple Entries allowed. Enter daily. Pro Guide Direct THEN, To enter, LIKE & SHARE this graphic: Winner will be selected on Friday, September 19th at 10 PM MST. Multiple Entries allowed. Enter daily.

Grizzly Bear / Dall Sheep Alaska Combo Hunt

Alaska brown bear hunt

I started out as a little boy watching my dad leave for big game hunts year after year until I was old enough to go. I have always enjoyed hunting and being outdoors. A few years ago, a good friend of mine went on a successful dall sheep hunt. After hearing his stories and seeing […]

How to Prepare for Backcountry Elk Hunting

Spotted Elk

So you just booked your first archery elk hunt. You’ll be hunting with an outfitter and now the questions have started to roll around in your head. The main one being — What do I need to do to be prepared for backcountry elk hunting? That sparks more questions such as these: How good of […]

Black Death in the Limpopo

Cape buffalo with a bow

I stood there in momentary shock with the only words coming out of my mouth being the 4-letter variety (which if you know me, never happens). I couldn’t believe that had just happened. I have dreamed of hunting cape buffalo with a bow in Africa since I was 12 years old, and now here I […]

Wildlife ‘WikiLeaks’ targets poaching in Africa

poached rhino in Africa

Dar es Salaam (AFP) – Poachers slaughtering Africa’s elephants and rhinos with impunity are often shielded from police by powerful connections, but a group of conservationists has turned to the anonymity of tip-offs to try to stem the killing. The founders of WildLeaks — a sort of WikiLeaks for the environment — say it is […]

A Conversation with an Anti Hunter

A conversation with an Anti hunter

We get hate mail and/or death threats from at least one anti hunter daily. Usually, there is no need to respond as they are unreasonable, rude, and have no sense of irony. But check this one out. What do you think of our response? Dear Sirs I have just come across your blog and I […]

T.A.G. Bags Game Bags Review

TAG BAGS synthetic game bags

I have now used my T.A.G. Bags synthetic game bags to pack out two elk. I’m a fan! They are light, strong, easy to clean and do everything they are advertised to do. Because their brilliance is in their simplicity it won’t take me long to explain why I like them. First let me speak […]

Successful British Columbia Bear Season

archery black bear

Once again, our 2014 ended with another successful British Columbia bear hunting season. The spring season ended with happy hunters and some incredible bears. The success always amazes me. BC does not allow baiting so this is a spot and stalk hunt. If you haven’t had the opportunity to stalk into close proximity of a […]

Preparing for Cape Buffalo with a Bow

cape buffalo dangerous game

Wow Cape Buffalo with a Bow!!! I still can’t believe I am heading to Africa! Let alone to go on one of my Top 5 Bucket List hunts, Cape Buffalo with a bow, aka Black Death, Dagga Boys, oh yeah. I have dreamed of hunting Cape Buffalo with a bow since I was 12 years […]

Kershaw Taskmaster Saw Review


Watch Marc Warnke in this Kershaw Taskmaster Saw review. The Kershaw Taskmaster Saw is handy, light, sturdy, and sharp! A good, sturdy folding handsaw is something every hunter should have in his or her arsenal. If you already have one, you know how handy these things are. The Kershaw Taskmaster saw is a great choice […]

Top 5 reasons to Hunt Whitetails in Idaho

Cody Barker with an Idaho whtietail

Whether we want to admit it or not, being that it is the home state to many on the O.I. Team, Idaho is a great opportunity to extend your season and put a monster whitetail on the ground. These are the top 5 reasons to let us set you up with a hunt for some […]

Moose Subspecies in North Amercia

Moose Subspecies and Range in North Amercia

Moose in North America tend to be darker in color around their faces and legs than their European cousins and tend to weigh more in both body mass and antlers. Antlers of North American are more pal-mated than European moose as well. The four moose subspecies in North America are the Alaska-Yukon moose; the Canada […]

Things You Should Know Before Booking a Moose Hunt

Things you lshould know before booking a moose hunt

If you haven’t hunted in Alaska or in a tundra environment, you should know before booking a moose hunt, there are a few things to consider. First off, there seems to be a trend going right now on float hunts. Just know that float hunts are more difficult overall and a float hunt doesn’t allow […]

How To Resole Your Kenetrek Boots


I recently sent in my Kenetrek Moutain Extreme boots to be resoled and repaired after two pounding seasons in the mountains. By my estimations I’m have at least 300-400 miles in my boots in mostly VERY steep, often rocky, terrain. It’s easy to tell the steep terrain wear by the toes being the first part […]



Come Along and Hunt South Africa with the Outdoors Interantional Team! Here is your chance to hunt with us! We have 4 openings for hunters to accompany us to an amazing property in the famed Limpopo Province. We have negotiated discounted rates for the 4 hunters who choose to accompany us on this dream hunt. […]

Bighorn Sheep Ewe Hunt in Nevada…. What’s Up With That?!?!

bighorn sheep ewe hunt in Nevada

In their January/February meeting, the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners voted to allow bighorn sheep ewe hunting. While this may seem drastic and irresponsible, mane factors came into this decision. Understanding the Recommended 2014 Bighorn Ewe Hunt The Nevada Division of Wildlife, with the help of non-governmental organizations, have taken bighorn sheep populations in Nevada […]

VIDEO: Russ Meyer’s Last Minute Arizona Muley

Russ Meyer with his 2014 OTC Archery Arizona Mule Deer

I couldn’t help but notice the skies as the buck we’d been working the previous ten hours slipped out the bottom of the canyon. The clouds were in such-a-way, I knew we were in for an amazing show. We set up the cameras and did our best to find a comfortable position in the rocks. […]

South African Adventure Hunt for Trophy Cape Buffalo


Do you dream of Africa? I know I do! Africa is one of those places that all hunters need to experience at least once in their lives. I have dreamed of hunting trophy cape buffalo in Africa since I was 10 years old and reading Capstick. The adventure, the thrill, the atmosphere and the scenery […]

An “Epic” Sheep Hunt by Butch Whiting

Butch Whiting of Kryptek hunting dall sheep

It was subtle, but Larry’s definition of “arduous” was concerning. When he says an adventure is difficult, he really means that most mortals would quit or potentially harm themselves during the pursuit. I was in…

Russ Meyer’s Archery BC Black Bear

Russ Meyer with his BC Black Bear

In 1988 I took my first big game animal with a bow. I was sitting over a bait in central Idaho when, to my surprise, a bear slipped over the ridge and was soon standing at fifteen yards, offering me a perfect shot. Can you say “Hook, line, and sinker”, not only for a lifetime […]

Why I Train To Hunt


My life has been profoundly altered in many ways since adulthood, and my wife and kids are at the top of the list. They are people who have made me a better man. My wife is a health nut, which pretty much makes me a healthy eater by default. As far as fitness is concerned, […]

Follow in the Footsteps of Jack O’Connor! Stone Sheep Hunting.

Jack Oconnor stone sheep

Jack O’Connor was first and foremost an outdoorsman, but he was also an English professor, which led to the marriage of the two and his prolific writings on everything from firearms, wildlife history and hunting. But his passion was wild sheep. He hunted sheep not for a trophy, but for the experience. He loved the […]

One of the Best Elk/Mule Deer Outfitters in Utah and Wyoming

Utah Mule Deer

Running a large area, large guide staff, and multiple lodges is an incredibly difficult thing to do while holding to high standards. We have found that it is an anomaly in the hunting industry to find a large outfitter that doesn’t have a lot of holes in their ship. The outfitter we work with in […]

Want a Truly Big Mule Deer?

Marc Warnke with his huge Alberta mule deer

I have had the blessing of taking four big mule deer over 200″ in my hunting carrier and believe me, lots of luck was involved. Some of my best hunts, where I had everything aligned; scouting, accuracy, and experience I fell flat and shot smaller bucks. The key, was being on the right ground, year […]

SPECIAL PRICE: Red Stags The Monsters of Middle Earth

Hunting Red Stags in New Zealand

If you are anything like me and the rest of the crew here at OI, you dream of hunting huge roaring Red Stags and beautiful bull Tahr in the land of Middle Earth. There is just something about New Zealand that beckons to those of us who seek adventure who have a deep love for […]

North American Sheep Slam… It’s Possible. Here’s How.


Are you a dyed in the wool sheep hunter? Does sheep fever course through your veins? I know it does mine. I have been lucky enough to harvest great Dall and Stone Sheep, and have had the opportunity to help guide on a number of Desert, California and Rocky Mountain Bighorn Hunts. Yet, no matter […]

VIDEO: Vapor Trailin’ Aoudads


Texas Aoudad hunting is REAL sheep hunting at a price that is within reach of almost every hunter. This sheep hunting video was taken on a very special free range aoudad hunt on a 22,000 acre ranch in West Texas. Located near Marfa, Texas in the famed Davis Mountains, there are VERY high numbers of […]

Campbell Cameras Video School


Campbell Cameras is pleased to offer an amazing array of video schools and free seminars by talented pros. This is your chance to get hands-on training with all the latest video equipment. From beginners to producers to editors there is a class for everyone! Why choose a Campbell Cameras school? Try Before You Buy It […]

VIDEO: Bowhunting Grizzly Bear and Caribou in the Arctic

caribou huntingg video

Russ Meyer and his client Kyle Hawkins archery hunt for Arctic grizzly bear and caribou in Alaska. Kyle takes a great Arctic grizzly and two caribou, while Russ gets a nice caribou with his bow. This Outfitter guides caribou hunts in over 2,000 square miles bordering Gates of the Arctic National Park. The Brooks Range […]

A Successful Ibex Hunt in Kyrgyzstan


Another one of Russ’s clients had a successful Ibex hunt in Kyrgyzstan! Learn more about this hunt » Learn more about this hunt » Browse Our Ibex Hunting Trips Around the World:

VIDEO: You Should Consider a North American Red Stag Hunt

Red stag hunting video

If you are anything like me, when you think about red stag hunting, you instantly think of New Zealand. Most people do… and for good reason. New Zealand is where it’s at for monster stags and it is a beautiful country with lots of other awesome critters to hunt, including tahr and chamois. Both of […]

Marc Hunts Huge Manitoban Elk in Quebec, Canada

Marc's 416" Archery Manitoban Elk

I recently hunted for Manitoban Elk in Quebec and had a blast. High Fence hunting is not necessarily my thing, but again, it was a blast. I have many clients due to age, physical limitations, lack of time, excessive trophy quality expectations, or lack of hunting experience who this style of hunting fits very well […]

Desert Sheep. In Search of the SLAM!

desert sheep

If you are like most sheep hunters you probably started off with a Dall Sheep hunt or with drawing a Rocky or California Bighorn tag, and then….it happened, you got bit by the sheep bug. I have been fortunate enough to take a great Dall and a really nice Stone Sheep. Still waiting to draw […]

Getting Started Hunting Out West

New Mexico Antelope Hunting 2013

Being a Hunting Consultant, I talk to a ton of hunters each and every day and being born and raised out West it is easy to take what we have for granted, but for many it is their dream to come to go hunting out West. The downside to coming out West is that it […]

New Record SCI Grizzly Bear Taken by One of Our Outfitters!

New World Record Grizzly Bear

This last April, Bob Steed was sitting and glassing from a vantage point with his guide, who, by the way, has guided well over 100 successful grizzly hunters, when they spotted this monster griz feeding on a fresh moose kill. After a three mile stalk on snowshoes in tricky mountain winds, they were able to […]

Our Top 4 Most Affordable Archery Elk Hunts


Having great outfitters is such a blessing as a consultant. At Outdoors International we have assembled the A-Team for archery elk hunting. We have 4 really affordable archery elk hunts you need to ask us about. All of these affordable archery elk hunts are in are in areas that are covered up in elk. Hunts […]

Hunting Late Season Bulls in New Mexico

Justin Sparks New Mexico Elk

Last month, Justin and I were invited to New Mexico to check out a new potential outfitter (see here). Problem was, we had just a weeks notice. Luckily, I’m a spur-of-the-moment guy, and it didn’t conflict with any family activities for Justin either, so we said “sure” (of course we did, we’re not stupid). Both […]

Watch out for Archery Elk Flu!

Archery elk flu

So I felt it was my duty to help warn you all about the growing epidemic known as Archery Elk Flu and all of its terrible symptoms. For those of you who have never been exposed to Archery Elk Hunting the rut, let me just say, whew!!!! You have dodged a bullet, and can stop […]

So you say you wanna hunt mountain goats?

Shad with his World Record archery mountain goat.

I speak to a lot of people who say they want to hunt mountain goats, but I think quite often they like the idea of hunting them more so than the reality. Why do I say that? Well first off, you have a limited number of places you can hunt mountain goats, and even fewer […]

Newfoundland Moose Hunt Review


Went for a first-time moose hunt in Newfoundland with one of your outfitters. Russ Meyer set me up with a week-long moose and bear hunt, and it was an exciting mix of spot and stalk. Newfoundland provides for some steep terrain with timber and bogs. Thanks to our knowledgeable guide we were able to navigate […]

Hunting With Your ATV: What’s Needed

Cooler temperatures and emerging fall colors in the woods means more exciting adventures for ATV riders. However, along with the riding comes a renewed call for common sense and conscious interactions with others in the back country. ATV enthusiasts aren’t the only ones in the deep Dakota woods on four-wheel. Hunters on ATVs are becoming […]

Hard Earned Elk in Beautiful British Columbia

Marc's hard earned elk

by Marc Warnke I recently went on an archery elk hunt in British Columbia with my Train to Hunt friends. Flat out…it was the hardest hunt of my life. To encapsulate the difficulty, I climbed and descended over 25,000 vertical feet in 5 days of hunting! That meant 2-4 hr climbs in the dark, every […]

Best Apps for Hunting Outfitters

Hunting outfitters everywhere should embrace their mobile devices. If they haven’t already, they will soon realize what great tools and resources they are; one great resource being the apps. Any serious hunter will act like a kid in a candy shop after seeing the many useful apps these devices have to offer. Some of the […]

Gathering Gobblers: The Basics Of Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunt

Hunting turkeys had become mostly a springtime activity across much of the U.S. in the 1970s after centuries of the sport were traditionally reserved for the fall. Spring is considered an “easy” time to hunt turkeys, presenting little challenge to the true sportsman. Larry Case, a Department of Natural Resources officer in West Virginia, told […]

Capra World Slam

A CAPRA WORLD SLAM® requires 12 different species (subspecies) of world animals from the list below. Application American Mountain Goat (Oreamnos americanus) Pyrenean Chamois (Rupicapra pyrenaica pyrenaica) Cantabrian Chamois (Rupicapra pyrenaica parva) Alpine Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra rupicapra) New Zealand Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) Carpathian Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra carpatica) Balkan Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra balcanica) Caucasian Chamois (Rupicapra […]

Asia 8 SCI Continental Award

Minimum Requirements and Eligible Categories Required 8 species taken from their native habitat. Rifle & Bow requirements are the same. Recipients of the Asia 8 SCI Continental Award ❏ Eurasian lynx ❏ Eurasian brown bear ❏ Siberian brown bear ❏ Kamchatka brown bear ❏ Amur brown bear ❏ Mideastern brown bear ❏ Gray wolf ❏ […]

Ethical and Environmental Hunting: Is Hunting Green?

Hunting is an activity reserved for gun-happy, rural conservatives. Or at least that’s what the stereotype is and has been for quite some time. While this outlook may have carried some weight 15 or 20 years ago, today we can observe that hunting is an activity that many urban dwellers, including liberal hipsters, are beginning […]

Hunting Land vs. Farmland: How to Prepare Your Land for Hunting

Hunting Land vs Farmland

Every landowner, whether they own hunting land or farmland, wants to take advantage of their acreage and get the most out of it. For some, this might mean wanting their land for hunting and for farming. This can be a dangerous game due to livestock potentially ruining the perfect opportunity for a hunt or the […]

Texas Mule Deer with Your Bow

West Texas Mule Deer Hunts

Hunting Texas mule deer can be very interesting. It’s not your average muley hunt. Because of the environment, food sources, and water Texas mule deer hunting can give you an excellent opportunity to take a muley with your bow. I believe taking a big mature muley with a bow to be one of the most […]

Elk Hunting Gear for Early Season


It’s never to early to start thinking about Elk Hunting Gear for the fall Elk Season I get emails everyday about questions on elk hunting gear and what to use for specific seasons. This was a great set of questions and you can’t ever have enough info about elk season and gear so I thought I would […]

Hunting Age Requirements for Each State

Jaken Warnke with his first deer at 7 years old.

Getting kids into outdoor activities like hunting and fishing is very important to us here at Outdoors International. Some states have no hunting age requirements for big game hunting, but most states have a minimum hunting age requirement for young hunters. Be sure to research the big hunting game laws in your state for any […]

A guide to booking a good muley hunt


A muley out west is one of the most in demand critters in the hunting world. It’s a supply and demand thing, especially if you are talking 170″+ muley.

2013 Kryptek Gear Lineup

Kryptek 2013 Gear Lineup

The NEW 2013 Kryptek Gear Lineup. There is some awesome new gear, improvements to existing pieces and the go to gear we have grown to love over the last 2 seasons. There will be a total of 22 hunting apparel items, 8 solid options, 7 Glove options, 15 Hat options, & 11 other accessory items.

High Fence Elk Hunts. Are they for you?

high fence elk hunts

Trying to get your chance at a bull elk over 350 without waiting the years in takes to draw the “right” tag can be a VERY expensive and time consuming venture. A solution to that issue, if cost is a concern, is to hunt big bulls on a high fence ranch. In the market for […]

Cape Buffalo – The Most Dangerous Game?

cape buffalo dangerous game

Referred as the “Black Death”, cape buffalo have the ability… and the personality to stomp you into the ground and tear you apart with their horns. Truly, a cape buffalo hunt is dangerous. They don’t die easy, so when they are wounded you run the risk of having this beast charge you at 35 mph. […]

Africa is One of the Coolest Places in the World!

Africa is Awesome!

Africa is one of my favorite places to hunt in the world for many reasons other than the hunting. Sure the hunting is awesome, but it’s the people the bugs, birds and the culture that keeps me going back.

Our Top 5 Dream Hunts

Cape buffalo dream hunts

We recently completed a survey asking hunters what their top five dream hunts would be. Some of their answers were… well, no brainers to be honest, but a few of them took us by surprise. The results are below. If you would like to have us help you make one of your dream hunts a […]

Scoring Aoudad Sheep

Scoring Aoudad Sheep

A trophy aoudad will usually have horns measuring 30″ from base to tip. A ram of this quality could be compared to a whitetail scoring 150″ B&C. Rams can however have horns stretching to 35″+. MEDAL CLASSIFICATIONS FOR AOUDAD SHEEP NORTH AMERICA SCI (Introduced – High Fence) BRONZE: 115″ (standard) 103″ (bow) SILVER: 132 5/8″ […]

History of Aoudad Sheep in Texas

Texas Flag Map

Just What is an Aoudad? Native to rugged areas of Northern Africa, the Aoudad, also known as Barbary sheep (Ammotragus lervia), is a tough and intelligent species of Caprid (goat-antelope). Aoudad are the only species in the genus Ammotragus. However, some include this genus in the goat genus Capra, and others in the sheep genus […]

How to Call Moose

How to call moose

So you’re going on a moose hunt and you want to learn how to call moose… well, luckily calling a moose is fairly easy.