T.A.G. Bags Game Bags Review

I have now used my T.A.G. Bags synthetic game bags to pack out two elk. I’m a fan! They are light, strong, easy to clean and do everything they are advertised to do. Because their brilliance is in their simplicity it won’t take me long to explain why I like them.

TAG Bags Synthetic Game bagsFirst let me speak about sizing. The “Pro Pack” (6 bags are 24″x44″) and the “Bomb Pack” (4 – 14″x34″ and 2–14″x20″) both light and small (bomb is 10 oz. and Pro Pack is 18 oz.) they are easy to make sure you always have them with you on the mountain. The Pro Pack is perfect for full quarters and easily takes care of a full elk. The bomb pack will fit a fully boned out elk (a little tight but it’ll work) or a deer, sheep, and antelope. For the really big game like moose and Buffalo you will need the Pro Pack for Large Game that are literally like the size of a sleeping bag at 28″ x 60″.

As far as strength, I tried ripping mine, pulled on seams and everything, and didn’t get them to budge…they are strong. I hosed off my bags that were bloody, nasty, and been hanging in the woods for 3 days, and was blown away how easy they cleaned up. I also killed both bulls in pretty warm weather and didn’t have any issues with spoilage. Not sure if that was my good care of the meat or the bags, but I think it was a little of both.
by Marc Warnke

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