South Africa Cape Buffalo Hunting Safari


The average cape buffalo bull taken on this hunt is 40″, but 44″ bulls have been taken!

You will be hunting buffalo herds in their natural environment. All hunting areas are huge tracts of 10,000 acres or more, and you can expect to hunt old, hard-bossed Dugga Bulls.

Cape buffalo hunting in South Africa is safe and problem-free.

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With 50 years combined experience, the hunt is conducted under strict and responsible rules, and we pride ourselves in our high standards and hunting ethics.”

43 inch wide spread cape buffalo

Cape buffalo hunting in South Africa is best between April and October as the weather is dryer and cooler. The visibility is also better this time of year.

Hunting will be done by tracking big bulls from water holes or spot-and-stalk. The safari vehicle will be used to locate tracks. Once a good track is found, you will leave the vehicle to track on foot.

Cape buffalo hunts are guided 1-on-1, plus trackers.

One of the benefits of South Africa is that there is a 100% success rate.

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Shad Wheeler with his 42 inch archery cape buffaloI have personally hunted with this team of PH’s and can’t recommend them highly enough.

They have almost 50 years of combined full-time experience hunting dangerous game in the African bush and can give you the hunt of a lifetime.” -Shad Wheeler

A big trophy cape buffalo 45 inch young, soft bossed bullTrophy quality is very good with high success rates on cape buffalo bulls averaging 38 inches. 44 inch bulls are possible and have been taken.

Plains game is easy to add onto your buffalo hunt, but you can also hunt lion, leopard and elephant.

Many hunters worry about travelling to Africa, but there is no need. The airport in South Africa is easy, clean and modern. Most people speak good English, and the PH will be right there to help you with the entire process.

Travelling to South Africa is easy.
You will fly to Johannesburg, South Africa where the PH will meet you immediately upon landing. He will help you with your luggage and rifle or bow.

The “Joburg” airport is very modern and easy to navigate. From the airport, the PH will drive you to the hunting area, which is a two-and-a-half hour drive North. Once you arrive at the lodge, all travel while hunting will be from 4×4 pickup trucks with racks in the back. All vehicles are new, clean, and in good working order.


5-Star Lodge Accommodations.
The lodge consists of 6 en-suite rooms, decorated in a modern afro-ethnic style. Elegant, yet understated and always in pristine condition with natural stone, wood and thatch. The lodge also boasts a swimming pool, fully stocked bar, an outside dining area, and a lapa area with fire pit and bbq.

South African ‘Boere’ Cuisine
The food is South African ‘Boere’ (local) with a touch of European. Expect lots of meat, vegetables, and fruit, all complimented by a variety of South African wines. You will eat a hearty breakfast, usually come back to the lodge for lunch, and then a nice dinner at night. Prior to dinner, you will lounge around the fire pit or in the bar talking about the days hunt and tomorrows plans. You will feel at ease with the staff, who treats you, not as a client but, as a friend.

Once an animal is taken, the staff will be called on the radio to take care of it and get your trophy to the skinning shed. They will take care to properly skin your animal the correct way depending on how you want it mounted.

Immediately following your hunt, a taxidermist will collect your trophies and get them dipped, packed and ready for shipping.

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  • sable Outfitter Report – Africa was good to this hunter -
    Outfitter Report - Africa was good to this German hunter
    It has been a good start to our season. We just dropped off our first hunter, who was from Germany at the airport. He had a great Safari here in South Africa, taking a nice buffalo, sable, nyala, zebra and blesbuck.
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