Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting

Semi-guided Osceola turkey hunts on 10,000 acres of Private Land

Osceola Turkey hunts in FloridaOne of the most sought after turkey subspecies for a Grand Slam is the Osceola turkey, also known as the Florida turkey.

The Osceola turkey lives only in the state of Florida, which makes it extremely popular with turkey hunters in pursuit of a Grand Slam.
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Due to their limited range, Osceola wild turkeys are a prize with hunters, who come from all over the country to take their turn at hunting this beautiful and elusive bird. Osceola turkeys have very distinct colors that make an awesome mount.”

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Florida Turkey HuntingFlorida Osceola Turkey Hunting Season
South Zone: 1st Saturday in March-ending 2nd week in April
Central Zone: 3rd Saturday in March-ending 4th week in April

Hunting Method
This hunt is semi-guided. The method of Florida Osceola turkey hunting is primarily setting up and calling during the morning hours & setting up on ambush avenues in the afternoon as turkeys go toward roosting areas. Arrive at hunting property 1 hour before sunrise, hunt until mid-day or you are welcome to hunt all day until sunset.

*Add a Personal Guide for $100 a day

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
You are allowed two adult gobblers on this hunt. Birds average 18-25 lbs, with beards averaging 10 inches, and spurs measuring 1 1/4″.

Success Rate: 90%
Opportunity Rate: 95%

Combo Opportunities
Trophy Wild Hog Hunts can be added for a small trophy fee, and Airboat rides can be added for $200 a day (two person occupancy).

Florida is flat, but be prepared for other obstacles. Certain years high water is a concern, and knee boots should always be packed. Insect repellent or a “bug suit” is a must. Temperatures are generally warm to hot (sometimes over 90 degrees), but the odd cold front (40 degrees) is always a possibility. It is often quite windy, so boat paddle box calls and aluminum calls work well to cut through the gusts.”

Hunters can either fly into Ft Myers, Florida or Miami, Florida. Most hunters rent a car there and drive to Labelle, Florida. Airport pickup and delivery is provided for a small fee.

This is a hotel hunt (included). Meals are not included.

License and Tags
Turkey tags are available over the counter. You will need to purchase an Agents License online at www.myfwc.com/license or by calling 1-888-486-8356.

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