Florida Alligator Hunting

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Florida alligator hunting for gators up to and over 12 feet!

Florida Alligator HuntingAlligator hunting has become quite popular as an off-season hunting opportunity.

Alligator hunting in Florida was resumed in 1988 after they rapidly recovered from an endangered species status. Now they are virtually everywhere — backyards, ponds, ditches and everywhere in between.
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Since 1988, Florida has offered alligator hunts, which provide a thrilling, hands-on adventure unlike any other outdoor experience.”

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Gator Hunting in FloridaFlorida Alligator Hunting Season
March 1st through December 31st

Hunting Method
Alligator hunting usually takes place at sunset. Sometimes hunts will be conducted at night, from sundown til midnight. Primarily spot and stalk during the day on foot, although sometimes are hunted by boat.

Alligator hunts are moderately difficult because a lot of upper body & arm strength is needed to pull a trophy alligator into the boat. Any type of weapon can be used including bow & arrow, crossbow, rifle, rod & reel (snagging), baiting, or harpooning.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
Alligators range from 9 to 12+ ft. and weight between 250 and 650 lbs. These alligators have high quality skins that can be tanned and used for purses, boots, belts, etc. Success rate is 100%.

Combo Opportunities
Trophy Wild Hog or Osceola Turkey can be added for a trophy fee.

Temperatures are generally warm to hot (sometimes over 90 degrees), but the odd cold front (40 degrees) is always a possibility. Insect repellent or a “bug suit” is a must.”

License and Tags
You will need to purchase an Agents License online at www.myfwc.com/license or by calling 1-888-486-8356.

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Travel, food and lodging for this hunt

Hunters can either fly into Ft Myers, Florida or Miami, Florida. Most hunters rent a car there and drive to Labelle, Florida. Airport pickup and delivery is provided for a small fee.

This is a hotel hunt (included). Meals are not included.


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Thanks to Russ Meyer with Outdoor International for sending me to a great place full of great people that treat you like family and also some top of the line Illinois deer hunting. I would recommend /southern-illinois-trophy-whitetail/ to any one. The owner is a real guy we became great friends after the first trip out. […]


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