Ron Elkin on His First Black Bear Hunt – Outfitter Report

    Ron Elkin went on his first on his first black bear hunt this season… and he made it count.
    Ron Elkin on his first black bear hunt
    Ron Elkin with his first archery black bear

    Ron was the first bear hunter of the spring, so he had the first shot at a fresh bait that was getting hit hard by dozens of bears. The outfitter had trail cams set up on the bait and most of the bears were color phase. Ron had his eyes on a big chocolate bear that was hitting the bait just before dark.

    On the first evening of his hunt, Ron was sitting in a ground blind 13 yards from the bait when this chocolate-phase black bear came in at 6pm. Anybody who has ever bear hunted knows that it’s a nightmare to field judge black bears, and Ron thought that he was the big boar and turned loose an arrow. Despite the error in field judging, this was Ron’s first bear and he was excited. Congratulations Ron!

    ron elkin idaho black bear hunt
    Thumbs up to the Trail Camera

    Idaho has great bear hunting for color phase black bears. With lots of great bear hunting outfitters to choose from, we have a few favorites depending on they type of hunt you want to do. We work with guides who hunt bears over bait, with hounds and spot-and-stalk. Some guides specialize in taking bowhunters and some just say they do. Beware. We know who the good ones are, so get in touch with one of our agents so we can help you find a great bear hunt.

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