Field Judging Pronghorn Antelope

Field judging pronghorn antelope can be tough.

They’re right up there with bears… almost.

Field Judging Antelope

There are three main considerations when field judging pronghorn antelope:

  1. Length of horn
  2. Mass
  3. Size of prong

Note: As of 1995, spread no longer affects the scoring in Pope and Young. There is a limit to the width of spread at which point the animal may be rejected. Those are handled on a case by case basis.

Field Judging Antelope – Scoring Calculator | Download a score chart
Antelope ears are a good point of reference when field judging. Ear length is usually 5.5″ to 6″ in length.

  1. The Horns Must be at least double the length of the ears. The length of the ears includes the curve all the way down to the base,  ears don’t have to be 2 times as high, just 2 times as long. Remember that the length of horn is measured along the OUTER curve from the top of the lowest edge at the base, so a good curve at the top could add significant horn length.
  2. The base of each horn should be nearly as wide as the width of the ear at the widest point. You will see that mass is measured in four places on each horn. However,  if the base of the horn is large enough, the rest of the measurement will usually be adequate.
  3. The prong should extend at least 2 inches beyond the front edge of the horns. The length of the prong is measured from the tip along the outer edge of the prong all the way around the horn to a point where a straight edge across the back of both horns touches the horn. You are looking for a measurement of at least 4 inches.

World Record B&C Antelope

World Record Boone and Crockett Pronghorn Antelope
The World Record Boone and Crockett Pronghorn Antelope
Score: 95″
Location: Coconino County, Arizona
Hunter: Dylan M. Woods
Year Taken: 2000

Minimum B&C Antelope Scores
Awards: 80
All Time: 82

World Record P&Y Antelope

The World Record Pope and Young Pronghorn Antelope
The World Record Pope and Young Pronghorn Antelope
Score: 91 4/8″
Location: Yavapai County, Arizona
Hunter: Marvin N. Zieser
Year Taken: 1995

Minimum P&Y Antelope Score: 67



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