Fallow Deer Hunts in Spain

Top 10 Fallow BuckThis Spainish Outfitter was awarded Outstanding International Professional Hunter by SCI.

The European fallow deer was introduced from the Middle East by the Romans over 2,000 years ago. Hunting in Europe is truly unique, it’s just something you gotta do.  

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Hunt free range fallow bucks during the rut.
Fallow deer hunts in Spain take place September through February. The rut is an exciting time to hunt European fallow deer. The fallow deer rut takes place in October and the males bellow, grunt and do a good deal of fighting as they gather harems.

European fallow deer hunts are usually done by spot-and-stalk.
You will be hunting in a pre-scouted area known to hold trophy caliber fallow buck, and you should have multiple shot opportunities daily.

European Fallow Deer Hunts in SpainVery good trophy quality with numerous Gold Medal fallow deer taken yearly.
For the best trophies, European fallow deer should be hunted soon after the velvet is stripped, since tines are often broken off in fighting during the rut in October.

Success Rates are 100% on most years.
This outfitter hunts in top quality, pre-scouted areas. It is very likely to have several chances to shoot every day. Last year they went 100% on over 100 hunts!

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Guiding is one-on-one.
You will be guided either by the outfitter himself, or one of his three sons.

Bill Nye with a huge European Fallow deer

Terrain in Spain can range from low hills to high mountains.
Fallow deer live in wide-open woodland areas of the Sierras, and make beautiful trophies.

Weather can range wildly so be prepared.
Depending on the time year and the region you are hunting, temperatures vary between 35 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Travelling to Spain is easy.
You will fly to the Madrid – Barajas Airport where you will be picked up by the outfitter and driven to base camp. Travel during the ibex hunts are by car.

The accommodations on this hunt are top notch.
You will stay at Casas Rojas in the Toledo Mountains, which could be considered the outfitters’ headquarters. You may also stay at top quality hotels as close as possible to the hunting areas. All meals and drinks are included.

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Here are a few trophy photos from this hunt.

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