Elk Hunting During the Rut is Cool!

Elk hunting during the rut is the best hunt in the world. I know that is a matter of my personal opinion but I stand behind it.

No other big game species can provide the rush of high action, close encounters like bulls in the rut. Every season I end up within 10 yards of a rut crazed elk, and those memories stay burned in my brain while other experiences get lost in the shuffle. When a bull rips off a bugle at 40 yards or closer I feel like my hat is going to get blown off my head.
Marc Warnke 2012 Idaho Elk Hunting

The fact that you get to “talk animal” when you are elk hunting and have bulls respond and talk back makes elk one of only a few species globally where that is possible. That has always been a major component to why I love elk hunting so much. Other species that you can call like waterfowl, turkeys, and rattled-in whitetail are close but not the same. Turkey hunting is probably the closest to elk hunting, which is probably why I’m a turkey fanatic as well. Maybe I’m weird but “talking critter” is just flat out cool.

Here are two of my favorite elk hunting Outfitters

Marc Warnke with his 2011 archery elk hunting bull

  • Alberta Elk Hunting During the Rut – This is an “easy” elk hunt during the rut with a realistic chance at a 275″ to 325″ bull. This is also a rifle hunt which makes it special as most early season elk hunts are archery only.
  • Idaho Wilderness Elk Hunt – Also a rifle/rut hunt, this elk hunt is an adventure that you won’t ever forget. You can also make this one a combo hunt with mule deer.
  • We have LOTS of different elk hunting outfitters to choose from. Feel free to get in touch with me and I’ll help you find a great hunt.

Any hunter who hasn’t experienced elk hunting during the rut just has too. Beg, borrow, or sell your things to make it happen. And for your first hunt or two, don’t get hung up on trophy quality. Especially if you’re budget minded. There are some very affordable hunts out there for someone willing to take “just a bull.” Give me a call or drop me an email if I can be helpful.

Be careful, because once you hunt rutting bulls you will want to do it again! Happy hunting.
Marc Warnke