Cancelled Elephant Hunt

This cancelled elephant hunt has been sold. It only lasted one day. However, if you’re wanting a great elephant hunt just let us know and we will help you line up a great one. We have trophy and non-trophy elephant hunting Safaris available.

Hi all, we have one discounted/cancelled elephant to be hunted on a exploratory hunt in the Caprivi, thus from a fly camp. Because the elephant hunt is more for me to get to see the area, I will offer it for slightly below cost on such a hunt as follows:

10 days hunting, 2 days traveling, trophy fee for one elephant bull included for US $20,750.

The area does have some really nice tuskers, but the catch is, you should be able to make the hunt by NO LATER THAN 30 September.

No other game may be hunted on this specific hunt, but we can move to Windhoek or Sobbe concession in the Caprivi for plains game left on quota (additional costs if we have to move around US $200 per day, plus driving to Windhoek around US $300).

Also included are drive in from Katima Mulilo.
(for drive in from Kasane, Botswwana (3h) add US $200, for Vic Falls (4h) add US $300 for both ways.

Excluded are all personal items, taxidermy charges, and fire-arm permit to travel through Botswana (need about 5 days to organize that, cost around US $50).

Oh, and I am so confidant that someone will shoot an elephant here that I am willing to add the following: If the hunter is able to walk reasonably well, can keep reasonably quiet, in other words have stalked something before, and he (or she) does not get an opportunity at a trophy elephant bull during his hunt, I will refund him 75 percent, plus he can come again to shoot an elephant at one of my other areas for the trophy fee alone.

*(This cancelled elephant hunt just became available as an ER doctor from Canada cannot make it due to work commitments, so first come, first serve as its very short notice. I can also send interested parties his email, as he has also hunted elephant with me before.


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