Eberlestock J34 “Just One” Hunting Pack

A great hunting pack can literally be hunt-saving and life-saving. It’s vital for packing in your hunting and survival gear and for packing out meat and antlers. And if you can do all of that in one pack that distributes weight well, it’s also back-saving.

The Eberlestock J34 “Just One” hunting pack is the best we’ve found as a single pack that can handle everything from a day at hunting camp to a week in the mountains. Weighing less than 7 pounds, it can handle at least as much weight as you’re able to carry!

One of its best features is its ability to expand, doubling in capacity to haul out big game. It also has a bow/gun carrying option that lets you transport your bow or firearm safely and hands-free while packing out heavy loads.

Features and benefits:Eberlestock J34 Just One Pack
• Vertically adjustable for torso length
• Streamlined shape
• Waterproof zippers
• High-visibility interior to find items quickly
• Optional Quickdraw Backscabbard™
• Scabbard drainage and cleanout access
• Deep “3D” ventilated padding
• Suspension designed to move with your body
• Fits right behind your torso for active hunting
• Compact design that fits near your body
• Hydration system compatible
• Variable volume from 2300 cubic inches to over 4600 cubic inches
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Review from “The Gear Junkie” – Justin Sparks

I’ve used Eberlestock packs for over 8 years, packing out at least 2 elk and a few bears each year. They are so durable, I don’t have one tear or rip in either of my packs. I’ve had over 200 pounds at a time on these packs, and they still performed! They’re made of some of the toughest and most durable fabric on the market.

Justin Sparks with Eberlestock Just One Pack
Justin Sparks hauling a full elk hind quarter and a full front quarter, plus his gear — over 150 pounds in his Eberlestock Just One Pack.
When I need extra capacity, I expand the pack to double its size. When I add a Spike Duffel to it, it can handle over 7500 cubic inches of game meat and gear!

The adjustable shoulder harness lets you make the pack fit where it is supposed to on your torso. This is very important when carrying heavy loads and for all-around comfort. One pack adjusts to fit S, M, L, and XL, and every body type. The pack also is designed to sit away from your back to provide a constant airflow between your back and the pack. The last major adjustment is the aluminium frame backstays. You can’t break them, and you can modify their contour to individually fit your back so the pack will fit you like a glove!

The meat expansion area is large enough to hold more weight than most people can carry. Last year I put a full hind quarter (bone in), front quarter (bone in), and neck meat off a 5-point bull elk, plus all the gear I had in my pack that day. One of the best features about the meat area is that it is mesh. It breathes as you hike out, unlike most other packs. Last year, it was 78 degrees when I made it back to the truck. I think the meat would have spoiled if the pack had not been breathable.

I don’t know of any other pack on the market with a quick-release Bow Carrier. Just unclip the quick-release strap, reach over your shoulder, and quick-draw your bow or firearm. I have personally used this feature to make a quick shot and take a 6-point bull elk.

This is my go-to pack, and I’m sure I’ll be using it many more years. You can buy a new pack for every purpose, or you can buy “Just One.”

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    I love mine. Just got it this spring but had it out scouting. 50lbs on this pack feels like 20lbs on most others. Just one is by far the most versatile line up on the market. I got the J34 because I rifle and bow hunt. Cannot wait to get mine bloody!!

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