Elk Hunting Gear for Early Season

It’s never to early to start thinking about Elk Hunting Gear for the fall Elk Season


I get emails everyday about questions on elk hunting gear and what to use for specific seasons. This was a great set of questions and you can’t ever have enough info about elk season and gear so I thought I would share this information.

I was wondering what a good pack set up would be for hauling out elk in Idaho.I don’t plan on any multi-day trips. I have a day pack set up sort of. Its like a lumbar pack with an extended back panel. That will hold my essentials just fine but I have seen some guys go with packs like the TZ2200 or something similar. What I was curious about was a good meat hauler or a pack that if I wanted to make a weekend trip it would still hold all of my gear. For a bow I am hoping to afford a Carbon matrix from Hoyt but I am still in the air job wise about being able to even afford to go hunting this fall.

Also for clothing I was told to contact you about a good Kryptek system for the warmer weather of the early season in Washington and Idaho. What are your opinions on the Kryptek Alaios pants and the Sherpa shirt for the early season? and what about if I get caught going later would the Koldo Rain jacket and a good layer underneath work?

Thank you for your time.

Thanks for the inquiry, lets talk packs first. The 2220 is a great pack and I have watched a full deer be hauled out with it for over 4 miles but, I would not recommend it consistently as a meat hauler….. One of my favorite packs and the pack I used for meat hauling and overnight trips the past couple of years is the Eberlestock J34. I have used it on a ton of elk, deer & bear packouts as well as hauling camp in & even baiting for bear. It has a quick release system for the bow on the back which I use daily. It goes from 2400 cu in to 4500+ cu in all the way to 7000+ cu in if you use the spike duffel bag system. It has a rifle scabbard built for when you hunt with a rifle or I use it for spotting scopes and other accessories. Here is a great article that goes into a little more detail We can talk even more about it by phone if your interested.

The Kryptek 2013 lineup is awesome. I have been able to test most of it and have all of it in my closet right now. It will go onsale mid June. Kryptek gear is so versatile because of all the different layering systems you can do with a few pieces of gear. For early season elk hunting gear this is what I would recommend:

Base Layer
Helios shirt, it is a warmer weather shirt. very breathable, synthetic & drys fast. Learn more

Possible Merino wool for cooler fall mornings and later in the season. Learn more

Kryptek Highlander Merino

For warmer weather the light weight Valhalla. Learn more

For all around season The Alaios. Learn more

Vests / Jackets
As far as the Sherpa goes it is a layering piece and would most likely be to warm for early season except for early morning or cooler days, you could use the sherpa, kratos or the scout vest. A new piece this year which replaces the sherpa in my elk hunting gear is the Cerdic hoodie. Learn more

*This is one piece I have not tested yet but, can’t wait to try it. I think layered with the either the Helios or the merino you could probably get through most of Sept with it. There a couple other new pieces that are pretty awesome you can look at them here. 2013 Kryptek Gear Lineup

Rain Gear
Kryptek has a new 2 layer lightweight rain gear system called the Posiden that I will probably carry all elk season in my pack. It’s less than 2 lbs and it is pretty awesome.  It will be more used as insurance to stay dry most of the time. I wouldn’t spend a whole day hunting in it but is a must have piece. The Koldo is the ultimate system. I hunted in a down pour at 12k feet in Colorado for 11 hrs last year for elk & stayed completely dry & all I used under it was merino. You could use the koldo in every season including a snowy spot and stalk day in December. I hope this helps out a bit. Feel free to call me to discuss any detail questions you may have.

Thanks, Justin
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