VIDEO: Early Season Elk Hunt

Early Season Elk Hunt:

Enjoy this Early season archery elk hunt hunt sequence where Outdoors International’s Marc Warnke works in on an early season bull elk in the Rocky Mountains with his bow in hand.

Marc and his cameraman, Trevor Brittingham started two hours before light climbing almost two thousand feet in elevation to get to where the elk were hanging. For this elk hunt, it was early in the season and it was warm, so the bulls were hanging up high just below the timberline. After working on some bulls all morning to no avail, they finally found a bull that was consistently answering their calls. By the time they were able to work their way over to a good place to set up, the bull was already in his bed. It was tough mid-day, early season conditions… about as bad as it gets. Nevertheless, they were able to finally get the bull to get up out of bed and come in for a close shot. Watch the video to see what happened… Sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

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*Later on in the season, the entire Outdoors International team was able to get together for a week long elk hunt and they put together some awesome footage. You NEED to check it out.


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