Dreaming of Africa

Dreaming of Africa
My kudu from last time. I cant wait to get back there.

Every now and then I have one of those nights that I just can’t sleep because I’m dreaming of an African Hunting Safari.

I really don’t know why either, next week I am going on a coues deer hunt in southern Arizona. This is a really great hunt and I should be counting coues deer like sheep, but I just can’t get Africa out of my head. The most incredible thing anyone could ever do is chase game around the plains of Africa and I want to share this wonderful Continent with everyone I meet. Most men tell me that they have always dreamed about Africa but they always thought it was expensive and dangerous, but that’s just not true. For about the same price as a good whitetail deer hunt you can go to Africa.

On a whitetail hunt you get the opportunity to sit in a blind or a tree stand for hours and hope for the opportunity to bag a decent deer. In Africa you see beauty and large quantities of wild game like you could never imagine, native cultures and experiences that will be with you for a lifetime and collect some wonderful trophy’s to hang on the wall. You will get some great animals. It’s incredible! It’s not dangerous either. Most of us just have a natural fear of the unknown. We don’t know what to expect. You won’t get eaten by a Lion. You are always with quality guides (PH’s) that would never put you in a dangerous situation. The water is safe to drink. It’s easy to clear customs and get your hunting equipment into the country. South Africa as well as most other places are Malaria Free. So why don’t more hunters go to Africa? I just don’t know… However, you might loose a little sleep like me thinking about your next trip.



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