Hunting in South Texas for Exotics and Whitetail Deer

Hey folks,
I just spent the morning cutting up four deer that we harvested last week in South Texas while filming some hunting videos.

My son Mike was married very young in life and never showed much interest in big game hunting. He loved to shoot birds, but deer hunting was never high on his list. Needless to say, I was excited when he showed some interest in doing some hunting in South Texas for whitetails with me. I have always longed to see my son take his first deer. That has been on my bucket list since he was a little boy.

In addition to Mikes first deer, my cousin Monte also had a bucket list hunt of his own to pursue. Several years back I harvested the #4 US Axis Deer in Velvet with a bow and Monte has been bugging me ever since to take him after an Axis buck of his own, so off to Texas we went in hot pursuit of two Bucket List Adventures!

Both hunts were successful and I was privileged to film my son take his first Whitetail deer and my cousin Monte taking a really nice Axis buck in velvet. Plus, I even got to shoot two whitetail bucks and a doe myself. God is good.

In two weeks we go after the elusive Coues deer in Southern Arizona and then we’re in hot pursuit of mountain lions. Stay tuned!

Happy Hunting,
Doak Worley



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