Dall Sheep Hunting in the Alaska Arctic Refuge Wilderness

Over the Counter, Trophy Backpack Dall Sheep Hunt on over 500,000 acre exclusive guide concession, with some of the best trophy genetics in Alaska!

12 Day Backpack Hunt for trophy Dall Sheep in the Arctic Refuge Wilderness Area of the Alaskan Brooks Range.Want to hunt Trophy Dall Sheep, but don’t want to pay top dollar for the Yukon or Northwest Territories, or be stuck waiting out the draw? Then this is the hunt for you!

This Outfitter takes a very limited number of lucky hunters each year so contact us today and we can arrange this trophy over-the-counter dall sheep hunt in the Brooks Range for you.

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You will see Dall Sheep almost every day, Trophy Rams, superb guides, 500,000 acre exclusive guide area and over-the-counter tags. All add up to one incredible adventure.” ~Outfitter

This is a 12 Day Backpack OR Float Hunt for trophy Dall Sheep in the Arctic Refuge Wilderness Area of the Alaskan Brooks Range.

Dall Sheep Hunting is a mental and physical challenge and this one is no different.

The primary hunt method will be backpacking to different drainages to set spike camps and then climbing to vantage points where you can expect to do lots of glassing. You may make 2 or 3 camp moves before you find the ram you want to go after, so you need to be prepared to hike up to 10 miles a day with a 40lb pack.

This will be a challenging hunt, but one you will not soon forget, as it is an adventure and accomplishment in more ways than one to harvest a trophy dall sheep.

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Alaska Dall Sheep HuntingHunting Season
Primary Hunting Season for this Dall Sheep hunt is the month of August, as that far north the snows come early in the mountains. But, it is a great opportunity to go on your dream hunt withou sacrificing your deer or elk hunts.

Success Rates
This outfitter has very good success rates (80%+), but the key factors for success are hunter fitness and weapon competency.

Trophy Quality
This area has some of the best trophy genetics in Alaska for big Dall Sheep rams, with the average ram harvested being around 38″.

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Combo Opportunities
One of the best things about this hunt, is that you can turn it into a true north american safari by comboing up Barren Ground Caribou and Arctic Grizzly on a trophy fee basis. This area has tons of caribou and a very high bear density so you can expect a high opportunity rate to harvest multiple species.

Other Activities are also available
Fishing, Wolf Hunting, Grizzly and Caribou

Map of the Brooks range in AlaskaTravel to Fairbanks and then on to Ft. Yukon, where the outfitter will meet you and help you get your gear arranged and your street clothes and hard cases stored, so you can keep your gear load to 40lbs.

Once you are all set you will get loaded on the bush plane for an awe inspiring two hour flight over the best the Brooks Range has to offer on your way to your hunt area. Once you get to your hunt area, you will spend the first day hiking in to your first camp, doing some glassing and just enjoying the solitude of the Brooks Range and the realization that it will be just you, your guide and your backpacks for the next 10 days.

Trophy Dall Sheep, Grizzly and
Caribou Hunting!

“The Canning River emerges from the tallest and most majestic peaks in the Brooks Range and is home to some of the only glaciers in the Brooks Range. This will be your dream home for 10 days of backpack hunting at its best”

Food and Accommodations
You will be living off your back, so food and lodging will consist of high quality, lightweight backpack tents, mountain house, granola, bars, oatmeal and coffee. We like to call this the sheep hunters weight loss program, because no matter how much you eat, we guarantee you will come home a few pounds lighter and a whole lot happier. In all seriousness, you will have enough food/calories to keep you going and hunting hard.

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