Grizzly Bear / Dall Sheep Alaska Combo Hunt

I started out as a little boy watching my dad leave for big game hunts year after year until I was old enough to go. I have always enjoyed hunting and being outdoors. A few years ago, a good friend of mine went on a successful dall sheep hunt. After hearing his stories and seeing his sheep mounted, I became very determined to hunt one myself. I got Marc’s name from a friend, contacted him and booked my sheep hunt. After hearing about this outfitter from Marc, I decided that was the place I wanted to go. In talking with the outfitter, he asked me if I would be interested in a grizzly bear and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. A year and a half went much faster that I had anticipated. After months of training, it was finally my day to board my plane to Alaska for a hunt of a lifetime! When I arrived at the lodge I was surprised at how nice the lodge was for being out in the middle of the Alaskan bush.

Alaska brown bear hunt
I met my Outfitter and the crew as I got off the plane, we proceeded to shoot my gun so I was prepared for the next morning to head out. The next morning, my guide and I were dropped off on the sandbar of the river and proceeded up the mountain. The sheep we had spotted while hiking to the top were nowhere to be seen once we got there. We spent most of the day glassing and spotting my guide spotted two rams approximately three miles away. We sat and talked about how we would make the stalk and if it was possible. The way the rams were laying we couldn’t come from the bottom, they would see us. The only route we could take was to take the peak of the a mountain so they wouldn’t spot us. It was one of the roughest hikes I have experienced. At one point, we were walking on a ledge that was no wider than one foot. At one time my guide had figured we were 1000 ft above the sheep. We just kept going until we finally reached the last ridge to where I could shoot. Bryce, my guide ranged the rams at 340 yards and I got into position to shoot. I was lucky enough to take the ram and when he fell, he fell several hundred yards down the mountain. I was worried about the horns breaking, Bryce reassured me that it happens quite often. When we made it down the mountain to where the ram fell, we took pictures and started processing the ram. After getting everything in our packs, we started back towards camp. We couldn’t make it all the way back to camp, so we spent the night on the few flat spots on the side of the mountain. The next morning we started down the mountain towards the river to get picked up. The plane came and picked us up and brought us back to the lodge. It felt great to get a hot shower and a good meal.

Alaska dall sheep hunt
The Outfitter and my guide discussed where they would relocate us to go after the grizzly. We flew out to grizzly camp and got the camp all set up. The next morning we woke up to fog so thick we were unable to hunt so we sat in the tent all day. We woke up the next morning we headed out to a vantage point they had known about that was a good spot to glass from. On our walk there, my guide spotted a grizzly 1⁄2 mile from camp. We snuck around to get in front of him and he walked within 150 yards of us. The guide stopped him for me and I was able to take him. As we walked up he got bigger and bigger. It was a great way to end my Alaskan trip! I couldn’t believe in less than seven days I had harvested a dall sheep and a grizzly bear, it was a trip of a life time! I cant say enough about how impressed I was with this Outfitter. From the knowledge of the outdoors to how my made my time in camp with him very memorable.


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