Dagestan Tur Hunting in Azerbaijan

Dagestan Tur hunting in Azerbaijan is extreme mountain hunting. Not for the faint of heart.

Jim Shockey Dagestan Tur Hunting in AzerbaijanThe south-eastern Caucasus Mountains in Azerbaijan are home of Eastern Tur, known to trophy hunters as the Dagestan Tur.

Dagestan Tur hunting only takes place at altitudes between 7500′- 9500′ in the far east of the Caucasus.

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Hunting Season in Azerbaijan:
Dagestan Tur hunting runs from June 1st to December 31st, and your hunt includes 5 full days of hunting.

Dagestan Tur Hunting in AzerbaijanTrophy quality is very good.
Under normal conditions, the animals are plentiful. Forty inches is the magic number for a monster Dagestan Tur, and 1 or 2 trophies of this size are taken by this outfitter almost every year. However, anything over 34″ is a good one, and 38″ or above is considered to be a whopper.

*A second trophy Dagestan Tur can be taken for an additional trophy fee.

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Dagestan Tur hunting is considered by many to be the ultimate test for the mountain game hunters as it requires good physical condition and mental toughness.

You definitely need to be in “sheep shape” to go on this hunt.  It is described as the toughest of all mountain game hunts, and the Dagestan Tur provides a good sport and challenge for it’s pursuers. Although they have an average horn length of 32 inches, any size trophy of a Dagestan Tur is something to be very proud of.

Hunt Price Includes:

  • 1×1 Experienced Guide and one Interpreter
    with each hunter for the duration of the hunt
  • Customs Handling, and Hunt Organization
    up to Mentioned Hunting Days
  • Transfers to/from hunting area and Baku airport
  • Hunting License, Gun Import Permit, Area Fees
  • Full Board Accommodation in the Hunting Area
  • 1 Trophy Dagestan (Eastern) Tur
  • Assistance with departing travel plans
Hunt Price Excludes:

  • International Air Fares
  • Trophy Preparation ($70)
  • Trophy Shipment or Trip Insurance
  • Gratuities
  • Hotel accommodation before/after/between the hunt
  • Personal Expenses
  • Extra Hunt Days ($350/Day) in the event extra hunt days are needed or requested
  • Observer Fee ($2,000) if accompanied by an observer

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Accommodations are comfortable tent camps.
Locals are very friendly, and they bend over backwards to make the client happy. They will carry everything for the client, including the rifle, up and down the mountains during a hunt.

Travel is fairly arduous.
This outfitter hunts an area 40 km in lenght on the Caucasus range. There are ten different camps, and one spot is never hunted twice in a row.

Horses are used to get to the base camps and the hunting is done on foot. For clients who would like a slightly less physical experience, there is one area that can be hunted on horseback most of the time.

Port of entry is the capitol city of Baku. The hunting area – a town called Sheki – is about 4-5 hour drive from Baku followed by 3-7 hours of riding horseback into the Caucassus Mountains to get to camp.

Depending on the arrival time of the flight, clients may wish to overnight in Baku, or they can hit the road immediately after customs are cleared. Same-day departure to the hunting area is normally done only if the client lands in Baku early in the morning, because reaching the camp takes all day.

Here are a few trophy photos from this hunt.

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