Craner Family Elk Hunt – Part I

A good friend of mine, Cary Craner sent me this story of their family elk hunt this year. He hunts the same areas I do so the exact whereabouts are off limits.” :) ~Cory Glauner

Congratulations Cary and good job getting those kids out there on a family elk hunt.

Logan Craner with his cow elkLogan, my son drew a cow elk tag in one of Idaho’s premier elk hunting units. Opening day we made it a family elk hunt, heading out with Grandpa Craner. We hunted 1/2 day to see what was around we saw a huge herd Bull and about 20 cows. Logan got a couple of broadside shots at a cow about 250 yards away and we thought he had hit it but no luck. I had to go to Salt Lake City for the weekend for a scouting meeting so that is why we could only hunt 1/2 day.

The next weekend Logan and I hauled the trailer up Thursday night to the campground. Kaden had football on Saturday so he didn’t come. Friday morning we hunted where we saw all the elk opening morning but no luck someone had shot two cows in that canyon during the week (we found the gut piles) and the elk had moved. Friday evening we went to the top of the ridge of the next canyon to glass and see if we could find the elk. Sure enough down in the bottom of the canyon 3 cows feeding across a meadow. It was starting to get dark and it was a long ways so I asked Logan “should we go after them?” he thought for a second and said “ya lets go”, so around the ridge to hide from view and down the mountain we went.

At the bottom just before we started across the sagebrush flats I spotted four more cows in the trees to our right they were 250 yards away. We stalked to the small ridge between us and got situated for a good shot. Logan had decided to shoot my 30-06 because we had a better idea on where to aim for that range. First shot was a miss the elk looked around to see where the shot had come from but had no idea where we were so they weren’t spooked at all. Second shot was a little high but also didn’t spook the elk. Third shot went CRACK and now only three elk were standing. The other elk still had no idea where we were and we actually didn’t even scare them until we were standing above Logans’ very first elk. It was 6:30 pm and starting to get dark as we started the gutting and quartering process by flashlight. By the time we made it back to the truck it was midnight.

Saturday morning we slept in and then spent the rest of the day packing out Logans elk. Saturday evening Jenifer surprised us by showing up in camp with the rest of the family. We had a great time swinging on the swing out over the creek. The hunters camped next to us led the kids around camp on their horses. What a fun trip.

Craner Family elk hunt hiking in to hunt elk family camp fire steep country hunting with kids riding horses Taking the kids riding Pretty creek

by Cary Craner

Family Elk Hunt Part II (Cary’s Bull Hunt)



    1. Tom Sorenson says

      Chickenheart! Don’t want to blow your hunting area, huh? :)

      Great job on the elk, Logan! Looks like an awesome hunt – love the camp photos.

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