South Texas Deer Hunting ROCKS!

by Cory Glauner

I had no idea how much I would love South Texas deer hunting.

In a year when I got to do alot of hunting in places people dream about including Africa, guess which hunt was my favorite?… South Texas deer hunting. Surprised me too. Never woulda guessed.

Marc, his 7 year old son Jaken and I flew down to South Texas last January to do a management deer hunt with Trevor Brittingham. To be honest, I was only mildly excited as the ranch we were hunting was high fence. I was more excited to away from the Idaho winter for a few days than anything else. The first morning on stand changed my mind.

The South Texas whitetail hunting ranch that we hunted has the genetics and habitat to produce the best and highest quality whitetail deer possible. We were doing the “Ranch” (management) hunt, which is a basic hunting package for a mature buck 4.5 years old or more with up to 150″ B&C. They offer this package at a base price and there are NO HIDDEN FEE’s. You will not pay a trophy fee, price per inch or incur any additional charges for this hunt. You will work hand in hand with your guide hunting, locating and determining what deer fall into this class. This is a 3 night and 3 day hunt for a deer up to 150″.

The facilities are of five star quality. The main house is 6,000 sq ft with 5 bedrooms with private baths, dining room, grand room including a pool table and satellite TV, outdoor patio and fire pit, there are plenty of areas to sit back and relax when you are not hunting. There are also full outdoor rifle and archery shooting ranges. Meals are served family style three times a day. Nobody left the table hungry.

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Twisted Alfonso the BearTrevor and I drove out to our stand on the first morning to go after a buck called “Twisted Alfonso the Bear”…. how cool is that? He was a 4.5 year old buck that just wasn’t “cuttin’ the mustard” and had to go.

We had been on stand for…. oh about 2 minutes when three bucks walk out and Trevor whispered, “see that little buck in the middle? He has to go.” I was happy to comply… he was out in a Sundero in front of us and at the shot he ran about 75 yards before he went down.

He was by no means huge, but not bad for my first whitetail.

Now it was time to concentrate on Twisted Alfonso again… back to business. The next morning Trevor and I were sitting in the same stand again and some INCREDIBLE bucks showed up it was awesome seeing these truly huge bucks walking around below us in bow range. There was one buck named “Ponchentrain” who was pushing 200 inches… he was out of my price range. At around 9am or so a good buck showed up, I could just see one side of his rack and when Trevor told me that was Alfonso I just about fell out of the stand. He was pretty darn big! Before we could lay the hammer down on him though, he took off after a doe… D’oh!

However, after a few minutes he walked back out and I was able to drop him in his tracks. Twisted Alfonso the Bear was down! He scores about 145″. A GREAT deer and a fun hunt!
Cory Glauner with his South Texas whitetail.
By the way, I spent the rest of the hunt chasing javelinas and hogs. Can’t wait to go back!
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