Colorado Mountain Lion Hunts

Colorado Cougar HuntingIf you have never hunted with the use of hounds you will gain a new respect for what these dogs can do while hunting mountain lions.

These Colorado mountain lion hunts take place in prime mountain lion country with a good population of mature toms. They use trucks, 4-wheelers and snowmobiles to find a mountain lion track then the hounds are turned out. Get more information

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Colorado Mountain Lion HuntsHunting Season
Mountain lion hunts take place in the winter and early spring when snow conditions are right for following a track with hounds.

Hunting Method
Hunt mountain lions with hounds, the first goal is to find a good track by driving roads and covering country. Once it is found, the dogs are turned out on the track and get ready for a hike… sometimes a tough one.

Licence and Tag
To purchase a Mountain Lion tag in Colorado it’s required that you take a Mountain Lion education and identification coarse and exam. We recommend that you also purchase your Mountain Lion tag online at least a couple weeks before your hunting trip. Take the short online exam and purchase your Mountain Lion tag.

I would like to give this Outfitter my highest recommendation. They took me on the hunt of a lifetime. We went through some of the most beautiful terrain there is. They has great dogs and top of the line equiptment. John really knows lion hunting. It was a “fair chase” hunt I will remember for a lifetime. For many years I use to raise and train coon dogs. I know top quality dogs whern I see them. John hunts hard and constant. I harvested a large male mountain lion.