Colorado Elk Hunting

Drawing units 481, 56,57,58, 561, & Trophy Unit 49.

* Also over the counter tags available for units 681, 82, & 86.

Elk Hunting in ColoradoA great Colorado elk hunt at a reasonable price! Over-the-counter tags as well as limited entry trophy elk hunts.

Weather you are a bowhunter or a rifle hunter, this Colorado outfitter has an elk hunt to fit your needs. We personally hunted with this outfitter and he and his crew are some of the hardest working guys in the business.Get more information »

If you’re a serious hunter, then you will appreciate this outfitter. We work hard for our hunters, and expect our hunters to do the same. Our hunts are physically demanding and we appreciate when our hunters are prepared. The better shape you are in when you get here, the better we can do for you.

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Justin Sparks with an Archery Colorado ElkHunting Season
Archery: August 31 – September 29
Muzzle loader: September 14 – 22

Hunting Method
Glassing, spot-and-stalk and/or calling depending on the season. Hunters can expect to go to bed at a reasonable time and get up between 4:30 & 5:30am depending on if you are taking horses or hiking. They always pack a lunch so that you can stay out all day if needed. You should expect to hike several miles per day in steep conditions.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
The best of both worlds when it comes to the units they hunt. Limited license areas that you can draw for, which hold more game and some bigger bulls. But if you don’t draw, they also have open units, which means you can buy your license over the counter. These units usually have more hunting pressure, but there are more areas to hunt and still a large number of elk.

They don’t guarantee 6-point bulls like some of the private land hunts can. Expect to hunt hard for “real elk.” Their success rate hovers around 50%, but their opportunity rate is 80%. Not bad for an over-the-counter elk tag.

Rocky Mountain Outfitters of Colorado MapTravel
We suggest that clients fly into Colorado Springs and rent a car from there if they are flying. From there whether they are driving from their home state or flying, the Outfitter will meet you in Buena Vista or Salida the day before the hunt, where you would either take horses into camp or a vehicle depending on what unit you are hunting in.

These Colorado elk hunts are based out of one of three wall tent camps depending on what units you are hunting.