Colorado Antelope Hunts on Private Land in the Eastern Plains

Eastern Plains Colorado Antelope Hunting

High Success on Trophy Antelope in Eastern Colorado
Eastern Plains Colorado antelope hunting takes place on private ranches managed for quality antelope hunting. The success rate is extremely high and the quality of the antelope on these ranches are very strong. » BOOK YOUR HUNT!

What you can expect on these Colorado Antelope Hunts:

If you are looking for a smaller, more intimate, hunting experience, look no further.  You will only be one of a few hunters who get to hunt here every year. Antelope camps are traditionally a “stack’m deep” model, but not with this outfitter.  He prefers quality over quantity. This Colorado antelope outfitter has been in business for over twenty years and our staff has hunted multiple species with him over the last ten years.  We know this operation inside and out, and you can expect to see quality antelope on this hunt that will score up to 80″ B&C.

I only get to place a few clients a year on this hunt but I love it every time  because this is such a slam dunk for a great buck.” ~Marc Warnke

Colorado Antelope Hunting on the Eastern Plains

Antelope Hunting Method
On these Colorado antelope hunts, spot and stalk is the main method of hunting, and most hunts are done quite quickly.  Because only a few antelope are taken off each ranch a year, the pressure is very low and the success rate and trophy quality is very high.

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Opportunity Rates
There is a 100% opportunity rate on this Colorado antelope hunt.

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The Trophy Quality is Excellent
Trophy quality on these Colorado antelope hunts is VERY good. It doesn’t matter which ranch you end up hunting either, as they each have equal quality for antelope bucks up to 80″ B&C.

We have several ranches that we use for our Antelope hunts on the Eastern plains, and with these hunts the success rate is extremely high on trophy quality goats without having to spend a ton of money.  What makes this hunt so good is that you are able to shoot New Mexico style genetics without having to pay the bigger price tag.”

Colorado antelope hunting season and license information

Colorado Antelope Hunting Season
This hunt takes place in mid October. The weather is usually fairly mild.

License and Tags:
*All Colorado antelope tags are by application only, you must have hunters education card if born after January 1, 1949, NO EXCEPTIONS. We will help you with the application process.

This Colorado outfitter hunts in units 105,106,128, 133 and 130.

Travel, Food, and Lodging information for this hunt

Colorado Antelope hunting near Walensburg Colorado in unit 128.Travel
Outfitter provides all travel during the hunt.

The ranches are located in Southeastern Colorado Eastern plains in rim rock canyon country, with river bottoms. At 6,000 feet these are low elevation hunts in a semi arid region.

Hunt Reports from clients who’ve hunted with this outfitter:

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Hunter Testimonials:

Antelope Hunting Gear List:

    This gear list is for a Western-style spot-and-stalk hunt.
    If you would like to talk to a Gear Professional, click here.

    Kryptek Clearance Cave

    Clothing and Apparel:

    ❏ Underwear (4 pair)
    ❏ Merino Wool Tops and Bottoms (2 sets)
    ❏ Lightweight Camo Pants
    ❏ Midweight Camo Pants
    ❏ Knee Pads (for stalking)
    ❏ Lightweight Camo Shirt
    ❏ Midweight Camo Shirt
    ❏ Camo Jacket
    ❏ Camo Coat
    ❏ Rain Gear
    ❏ Lightweight Gloves
    ❏ Gloves
    ❏ Cap
    ❏ Beanie


    Rifle Hunting Gear:

    ❏ Rifle
    ❏ Shells *take at least 1 box
    ❏ Sling
    ❏ Gun Cleaning Kit



    Archery Hunting Gear:

    ❏ Bow
    ❏ Arrows *we recommend that you take 1 doz.
    ❏ Broadheads
    ❏ Release *an extra release is recommended
    ❏ Sight
    ❏ Rangefinder


    Kenetrek Boots


    ❏ Hunting Boots (non-insulated, or insulated depending on season)
    ❏ Light Socks (4 pair)
    ❏ Heavier Socks (4 pair) *season appropriate weight
    ❏ Camp Shoes


    Advertise with us Optics


    ❏ Binoculars
    ❏ Bino Harness
    ❏ Rangefinder
    ❏ Spotting Scope
    ❏ Tripod


    TAG Bags Synthetic Game bags

    Technical and Misc. Gear:

    ❏ Backpack
    ❏ Game Bags
    ❏ Knife
    ❏ Multi-Tool
    ❏ Flashlight and/or Headlamp
    ❏ Milspec, Polarized Sunglasses
    ❏ GPS
    ❏ Water Bladder (2L)
    ❏ Scent elimination spray
    ❏ Insect Repellent
    ❏ Book, magazine and/or ipod
    ❏ Camera
    ❏ Video Camera and/or GoPro
    ❏ Lens Cloth *for cleaning optics
    ❏ Extra Batteries
    ❏ Personal Items *toothbrush; toothpaste; floss; soap; chapstick; washcloth; deodorant; sunscreen; baby wipes; medication; glasses or contacts; Advil or aspirin; nail clippers; disposable razor; multi-vitamins
    ❏ Tent / Bivy
    ❏ Sleeping Bag
    ❏ Sleeping Pad
    ❏ Camp Pillow
    ❏ 5 gal. Collapsible Water Container
    ❏ Pot
    ❏ Bowl
    ❏ Eating Utensils
    ❏ Lighter
    ❏ Large Fuel Container
    ❏ Camp Stove
    ❏ Lantern
    ❏ Food
    ❏ Paper Towels
    ❏ TP/Wet Wipes
    ❏ Ziplock Bags
    ❏ Garbage Bags
    ❏ Caping Salt
    ❏ Topo Maps
    ❏ Dry Bag
    ❏ First Aid Kit


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Vinson Drake with a nice Colorado antelopeGeorge Eck with a super Colorado antelopeMatt Collins with his Colorado buckMike Perdue with a nice Colorado antelopeVance Haasemeyer Colorado Antelope BuckTim Matschee with another good Colorado antelope

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