South Africa Lion Hunting Review

South Africa lion hunt

I hunted two years ago I went on my first African Safari and the PH has kept in touch and baited me with the opportunity of South Africa Lion Hunting. I eventually took the bait and in the end booked myself and both of my sons for the trip to South Africa.

When hunting the South Africa lion it was with the knowledge that there WERE approximately ten lions on the 3,000 acre hunting concession. We traveled around the farm for several hours, enjoying the scenery and not venturing far from the vehicle unless we took a firearm, silly I may be, but with the knowledge that lion were definitely on the property, we were not taking any stupid risks.

Eventually we spotted three lions laying in the sun. It was time to get real. We slid out of the vehicle and started our stalk…

I had my eldest son elect to stay with the vehicle with his camera, my youngest son was to be the video camera guy. As well I had Kemp, my PH. The farm owner Deon and the Government appointed Ranger were also along to make sure the South Africa Lion Hunting proceedings were legal and the lion could be exported.

South Africa Lion Hunting
As it turned out there was a deep washed out creek that allowed us to walk up and past where the Lions were resting. There were tracks all up and down the washed out creek bed . As we were creeping along, we must have made enough noise that one Lion got up and had a look in our direction. He was close and his chest would have made a good shot, however there would have been no chance for any follow up shot and we would have not been able to see where it ran, if it ran off after the shot. We kept an eye on him as we emerged from the creek bed.

We set up the shooting sticks and figured the distance to be about 80 meters. Two of the Lions walked off and the remaining one was going to be mine. He was lying down and it was decided that it would be better if he were to stand up. For 20 mimutes I kept him in the scope, and eventually he got up and was slowly walking away, that is until I let rip with the 350 Rigby.

South Africa Lion Hunting Safari
I make my own brass cases and also my own bullets. I make a “regular” bullet not a bonded premium bullet. and on this occasion I was shooting 250 gn bullets. The Lion was off and running. In less time that I can think of I had cranked another shell into the rifle and was on him again as he struck a small thorn bush. I went bang at about the same time as he collided with the bush and then silence… Nothing… The lion is laying there, in amongst the branches of the bush. His head elevated, his rear end down. No noise. not a clear view of the animal due to the bush. We wait 15 min and then advance . My Lion is dead and the second shot was not needed. I later find the first shot has gone right through and the second bullet we recover. It is nicly mushroomed and just under the skin on the far side. I highly suggest South Africa lion hunting with this PH.
by Bruce Bertram

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    1. Tiberius Bird says

      Sad. Selfish. Foolish. Without honor. The need to kill for sport. Because you can? While you STILL can? (It's not quite the same as seeing the world, "while you still can".) Imagine what you COULD do with the money and effort you put in to kill this top predator. What a statement about humanity.

      You can't really believe the numbers are such that "trophy" hunting lions is sustainable – let alone ethical. Legal? JUST that, RIGHT NOW: legal according to the current administration and legislation. (Shall we debate the integrity of politicians – any party – and "current" laws?)

      If only the "paw were on the other foot". Do you ever ask that question. You enjoy your place on the food no thanks to anything you have done.

    2. Tiberius Bird says

      If you can shoot a lion, you certainly can have the courage to show an opposing point of view.

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