Archery Idaho Elk Hunting Review

Idaho archery elk hunting review with Boulder Creek Outfitters

My elk hunting review for this hunt:

My opinion on this elk hunting review is that this was overall a great Idaho archery hunt. We did not see a ton of elk, but we were into bugling bulls every day. Pretty tough to ask for more than that. It was a two on one guided elk hunt and both of us scored good animals. My bull measured about 300″ and my friend shot about a 250 class elk.

The weather was warm, the camp and food were great, and our guide worked very hard for us. One drawback was a lack of physical preparation on my part. I should have spent more time getting in shape. I was quite out of shape for the hunt, I didn’t expect the challenging terrain of the Idaho wilderness, even though I was told prior to the hunt by the outfitter. When a guide tells you to get in shape… listen.

When I got back there was an article in the SCI magazine. That should speak volumes about the quality of the owner, guides and administrative staff. You can rest assured that they will work hard to ensure you have a good time on this Idaho archery hunt. You are not always going to make a kill on a bowhunt, but you should have fun. We didn’t see alot of animals like I said but I was having fun! I would do this hunt again.

by R.K. Shoemaker – Pennsylvania


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