Cape Buffalo – The Most Dangerous Game?

cape buffalo dangerous game

Referred as the “Black Death”, cape buffalo have the ability… and the personality to stomp you into the ground and tear you apart with their horns. Truly, a cape buffalo hunt is dangerous. They don’t die easy, so when they are wounded you run the risk of having this beast charge you at 35 mph. Sound fun?

My favorite Cape Buffalo Hunt is this one in Mozambique

My favorite Cape Buffalo hunt is this one in Mozambique

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    Cape Buffalo are responsible for more deaths than any of the other Big 5 dangerous game animals in Africa; the hippo however still holds the title for killing most humans in Africa. Trying to stop an 1,800 pound animal at point blank range requires a well placed shot into the brain, with a big caliber. It is at this point, you are glad you have a trusted PH at your side, plugging the freight train with his .500 Nitro, and helping you stop this nightmare from turning into a real disaster.

    These animals have no sympathy, they play for keeps, and will stop at nothing to take you out if they are threatened. This is why it is so important to make you first shot count.
    ~Mike White