South Africa Cape Buffalo Cow Hunting – Affordable Buffalo Hunt

Buffalo Cow hunts are CONSIDERABLY LESS than bull hunts

At $6,000 all-inclusive, Cape Buffalo cow hunting in South Africa allows you to hunt this member of the Big Five on a budget. These cow hunts allow you to experience all of the thrill of buffalo hunting at a fraction of the price and hunting cape buffalo is just something you gotta do before you can’t. Get more information »

Marc Warnke with a cape buffalo cow

Marc Warnke with a cape buffalo cow he took with his bow.

This cape buffalo hunt does take place behind a high fence as does ALL South Africa cape buffalo cow hunting, however the property is VERY large (25,000 to 30,000 acres) with a big herd of 300-400 buffalo roaming it.” ~Trevor Brittingham

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*South African Cape Buffalo cow hunting is subject to availability.

Cape Buffalo Cow Hunting Season
The best periods for hunting cape buffalo in South Africa are from May through October, however you can hunt year around.

Hunting Method
Cape Buffalo cows are generally hunted on foot, picking up and following fresh spoor at waterhole’s or across roads.

Only animals taken or wounded will be charged for. Game not listed is negotiable. Buffalo in South Africa do not require a CITES permit.

Trophy Quality and Success Rates
This is a 7 day hunt for cows only.

Cape buffalo cow hunting in South AfricaTravel
Fly from Johannesburg to a private airstrip located near the hunting concession or the Outfitter will arrange to pick you up at the airport and drive you to the lodge. The drive takes approximately 4.5 hours. All transportation will be provided once you arrive at the lodge.

*South Africa is Malaria free

Your guest room is your own luxury private chalet. The hand sewn thatched roofs keep you nice and cool on hot nights and warm in comfortable on the cooler ones. As guests, you are afforded top of the line bed and bath amenities, turn down, maid and laundry service and every creature comfort to make you feel right at home. Meals will be served at the lodge where you can also gather in the evenings. Amenities include bar; swimming pool; kitchen; lounge area; dining room; TV; and an outside braai area around a campfire.

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