Canada Polar Bear Hunting in the Arctic North

Huge Trophy Polar Bear

Polar Bear Hunting is the “Ultimate” Arctic adventure!

This polar bear hunting outfitter on this hunt offers the traditional spring hunts by dog sled teams from March to the end of May, and polar bear hunts from August to October are also available.

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Canada’s Arctic is home to roughly 16,000 polar bears, two thirds of the world’s population. Government biologists keep a close eye on Polar Bear populations in the Canadian Arctic, and a very limited amount of licenses are issued each year and healthy polar bear numbers have been successfully maintained through “sex-selective” harvesting in which only 33% of bears taken may be female. Since 1975, polar bear populations have actually increased slightly.

Hunting is done from comfortable camps situated in prime areas that may be up to 160 kilometers from any one of our Inuit communities. The hunt is over when a polar bear is harvested, even if this happens in the first day or two.

This outfitter also offers superior hunts for Greenland and barren-ground muskox, Central Canada barren-ground and Arctic Islands caribou, barren-ground grizzly, and Atlantic walrus! Ask one of our consultants if you are interested in hunting any of these species.

Renowned hunters such as Tom Miranda, Bob Foulkrod, and Ralph and Vicky Cianciarulo have chosen this outfitter for their numerous arctic hunting expeditions.”
~ Trevor Brittingham

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Huge Trophy Polar BearGiant Polar Bear - Once in a Lifetime TrophyBeautiful Arctic Polar BearTom Miranda and his Huge Archery Polar BearResolute Nunavut Canada polar bear hunting mapPolar-Bear-Hunting-in-the-Canadian-Arctic

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canada arctic polar bear huntsPolar Bear Hunting Itinerary
These Polar Bear Hunts include 10 full days of hunting guided one on one. If needed, up to 5 extra days may be added at the cost of $900 per day payable directly to your guide (Extra Days on Hunts in Resolute Bay Only). Custom Itineraries can be provided for each client, mapping out round-trip travel plans from their home to the area they will be hunting.

This outfitter pioneered polar bear hunts in the high arctic starting in 1981 and has maintained a success rate of virtually 100% since they began!
~Trevor Brittingham

Hunt Price Includes:

  • 1×1 Experienced Inuit Polar Bear Guide and one dog team with each hunter for the duration of the hunt
  • 1 Assistant Guide with a Snowmobile who handles field preparation of your trophy
  • All Ground Transportation from the village to the hunting area
  • Full Board Accommodation in the Hunting Area
  • 1 Trophy Polar Bear
  • Assistance with departing travel plans

Resolute Nunavut Canada polar bear hunting mapHunt Price Excludes:

  • International and Domestic Air Fares, and any travel costs before reaching the contracted village
  • Licenses and Government Trophy Fees
  • Canadian Firearms Import License ($25 CAD) issued by Canada Customs upon entering Canada
  • Non-Resident Hunter Preservation Fund (NRHPF) fee ($160 CAD)
  • Hotel accommodation before or after the hunt
  • Archery equipment, guns and ammunition
  • Packing and shipping of the trophy, and any taxidermy fees
  • Trip Insurance
  • Visitor to Canada Health or Medical Emergency Insurance
  • Sightseeing/Personal Effects or Expenses
  • Any extra costs incurred to do travel delays that are beyond the control of your outfitter
  • The 5% Canadian Goods & Services Sales Tax (GST)
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      The agreement prohibits random, unregulated sport hunting of polar bears and outlaws hunting of polar bears from aircraft and icebreakers which have been the most detrimental to the polar bear population. Additionally, the agreement holds member states accountable for taking appropriate actions to protect the ecosystems of which the polar bears dwell, paying special attention to places where polar bears create dens, do a majority of their feeding, and where they migrate. States also must manage polar bear populations in accordance with proper conservation practices based on the best available scientific data.

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