Forest Elephant Hunting in Cameroon

Elephant Hunting for Forest Elephant in CameroonIn Cameroon, you Forest elephant hunt during the “short rains”, which run from April through to the end of July.

Forest elephant hunting in Camaroon is done with a team of Pygmy trackers and their dogs which are kept on a leash while the Pygmies track.  This will be one of the most unusual and unique hunts you ever go on. Get more information

The hunting areas in the Cameroon forests are found in the far South-Eastern reaches of the country. This is true Tarzan country, and plays host to Gorillas and Chimpanzees as well as some incredibly massive trees and vines.”

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Cameroon Forest Elephant Hunting Season
The Forest elephant hunting in Cameroon is done during the “short rains”, which run from April through to the end of July. These rains get the elephants out of the dense forests and into the clearings and roads in an attempt to escape the dripping water from the trees. This is where you and your PH will be able to cut tracks.

Hunting Method
Hunting in the forest is done with a team of Pygmy trackers and their dogs which are kept on a leash while the Pygmies track. Once an animal has been bumped, the dogs are set free to bay the animal.

Available Game in the Forests Areas of Cameroon
In the Cameroon forests you can hunt bongo, dwarf forest buffalo, duiker, elephant, forest pig, and situanga.

Forest elephant hunting camerounTravel
Daily flights to Douala are available on Air France. These flights are direct from Paris – France. Swiss Air, Brussels Airlines and South African Airways fly into Douala roughly 3 times a week.

On arrival in Douala, you will be met by one of the PH’s agents who will help you clear your firearms through customs, he will then take you to the hotel for the night. The following day, the agent who will transfer you to Douala airport for a charter flight into the forest. Your guide will be waiting to meet you at the runway, and drive you through to the hunting camp.

Cameroon forest
Climate, Weather and Terrain
The temperatures average between 70 and 80, but the humidity in the forest can be extreme. The rains offer some relief from the humidity.

The terrain in Cameroon is varied, with lots of hills, mountains, and streams. The vegetation is incredibly dense, with visibility sometimes measured in feet. The logging roads are the only reasonable means of access into the concession. The vegetation and the slippery surface underfoot make walking in the forest challenging.

*Cameroon is a yellow fever as well as malaria area, and a yellow fever vaccination card is required upon entering the country. Please consult your Doctor.

Game Care
Your PH will have skinners available to care for all game that is taken on your hunt.

The camps in the forest area of Cameroon are built out of local timber. Each client has private quarters with a double or single bed, en suite bathrooms with hot and cold running water, shower, wash basin and flush toilets. All beds have mosquito nets.

Evenings are spent in a covered lounge area listening to night sounds, and hoping for rain. Dining is done in a central dining area.

campCamp in CameroonCamp 2Camp compoundCamp in the forest of CameroonCamp areaCamp Bedroomcamp loungCamp lounge area

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