Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear Hunting

Trophy Brown Bear Hunts on the Alaska Peninsula

Trophy Brown Bear Hunts on the Alaska PeninsulaThe Alaska peninsula has the largest brown bear populations in Alaska. This brown bear hunting outfitter takes only eight brown bear hunters per year, keeping the bear population strong and the trophy quality high. We hunted this hunt, personally, in the spring and our client harvested a bear over 10 ft. in 2012 (one of the worst springs in Alaskan history) We can’t say enough good things about this outfitter.

Location is key while brown bear hunting, and five strategically located camps keeps hunting pressure light. The 94% success rate on trophy brown bears speaks for itself. Get more information

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Brown Bear Hunting Season
Brown bear hunting on the Alaska Peninsula switches from a Spring to a Fall hunt every other year. Even numbered years are spring brown bear hunts and take place May 10-25. Odd number years are the fall brown bear hunts which take place October 1-20.

Hunting Method
You will hunt from either a tent camp or a remote hunting shack on foot spot-and-stalk style.

Success Rates on Brown Bears
While the overall success rate on Alaska brown bear hunting with this outfitter is 94%, most seasons the success rate is 100%.

Trophy Quality of Brown Bears
Trophy brown bears start at eight feet, but brown bears over ten feet are taken yearly.

The Spring hunts are very good. The Fall hunts are OFF THE HOOK!” ~Cory Glauner

Brown bear hunting on the Alaska PeninsulaTravel to the Alaska Peninsula for some Brown Bear Hunting
Fly into Anchorage, Alaska where you will catch a shuttle flight to King Salmon, Alaska. Once you arrive at King Salmon, the Outfitter will meet you and set you up at a hotel to overnight. The next morning you will either fly to camp in the outfitters’ Super Cub with tundra tires, or travel to camp via jet boat.

Lodging and Food
Lodging while brown bear hunting with this outfitter can range from a tent to a hunting shack/cabin depending on the area you will be hunting. Food is mainly simple food that can be heated up over a camp stove. Expect to eat oatmeal in the morning, simple lunches on the hill while you are glassing and Mountain House at night back at camp.

Gear Used by the Outfitter on this Brown Bear Hunt
This Outfitter uses modern, dependable, well maintained gear. By operating all of their own planes, jet boats, and snow machines,they take full control over every variable that might present itself.

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