British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunting

Trophy mountain goats with exceptional winter coats are the norm.

British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunting
British Columbia mountain goat hunting take place over 6,000 square miles in both the famous Toad River and Kechika River drainages of the Northern Rockies. This area has some of the best mountain goat hunting in British Columbia.

British Columbia mountain goat hunting can be also be a combo hunt with moose.  This is a hunt where physical fitness is very important.  It’s not so difficult to find the goats, what is difficult is getting to them.  With tag allocations getting cut in half in BC these hunts are harder and harder to schedule.  We prefer to send clients in from mid September to the first week in October to get the best coats with the best weather.   This is also a hunt that combo’s very nicely with elk and can be added for a modest trophy fee.  Get more information »

The mountain goats will have their winter coats and will make a beautiful mount. Be prepared for some climbing on these mountain goat hunts and sometimes just waitin’ for them to feed in an area you can get too.”

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BC-Mountain-Goat-HuntsHunting Season
British Columbia mountain goat hunting takes place from mid September through early October.

Hunting Method
Glassing/spot-and-stalk and calling. Guided 1-on-1 to increase your opportunity for success.

Trophy Quality
Large billies with winter coats are the norm.

The weather for these mountain goat hunts can be snow, rain or sometimes pleasant Indian summer.

Travel, food and lodging for this hunt

Mountain goat huntsTravel
This moose hunting area is located on the the famous Toad River, Gataga River, and Kechika river drainages. The base camp is located 120 miles west of Fort Nelson at mile 419 Alaska Highway. Once you arrive at base camp, horses will be used for transportation.

On these British Columbia mountain goat hunts you will stay in either cabins or wall tents with heaters.

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