British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunting / Elk Combo Hunt

This is seven-days of challenging high-alpine British Columbia mountain goat hunting in an area that is also loaded with elk!

British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunting Outfitter
Trophy goats with 9″ horns are the norm on this hunt, and the option to add an elk to this hunt makes it very special. Get more information »

We hunted archery elk with this British Columbia outfitter in September and saw LOTS of goats. I was surprised at how we hunted the elk right up in the goat country. Beautiful country. Great outfitter.” ~Cory Glauner

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More about this British Columbia Hunt

British Columbia Mountain Goat HuntingThis outfitter is fluent in both English and French and is a flat out BLAST to hunt with. He has an extensive professional mountaineering background which is really nice when you are way back in.

Hunting Method
Mountain goat hunting in done by spot and stalk. You will ride horses or hike to glassing points and glass for goats. Once a good goat is spotted you will climb up and do a stalk.

Elk hunting is done the same way, usually a bull is taken incidentally while hunting for goats. Be prepared for steep, thick country. We can’t stress enough that you should be in shape for this hunt!

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
Success rates for mountain goats has been 100% for years. You can expect a trophy billy with horns close to nine inches. This region has a good population of elk and this outfitter takes many six-point bulls averaging near 300 inches every year.

Game Care
Once your elk or mountain goat has been harvested, the outfitter will care for, and pack your meat and trophies to base camp for you.

Add an elk to your mountain goat hunt!

This is a trophy area for elk and a bull must be six-point or better. A good population of elk and the fact that they live right up with the mountain goats make this combo hunt a no-brainer.

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Hunting in British Columbia Canada

British Columbia Hunting Season and License Information

British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunting Season
September 10 – November 30

Hunting License and Tags
Licenses and tags are over-the-counter.

Travel, Food, and Lodging information for this hunt

Mountain goat hunting in British Columbia CanadaTravel
Upon your arrival in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada the outfitter will pick you up and drive you into base camp. From that point on all travel will be taken care of by your guide or the outfitter.

Custom Mountain Goat Hunting Gear List:

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British Columbia mountain goat hunting elk combo hunt

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