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This Outfitter excels at Archery British Columbia Moose Hunts

British Columbia Archery Moose HuntBritish Columbia moose hunts during the rut for bulls up to 60+ inches!

Bowhunting is this Outfitters’ specialty and they are passionate about it. Get more information

These British Columbia moose hunts can also be combined with elk and/or black bear.” ~Russ Meyer

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Book your British Columbia Moose huntEarly season hunt: September 10th – 18th
Rut hunt: September 20th thru October 8th
*All moose hunts are a total of 8 days

Hunting Method:
Bowhunting is this Outfitters’ specialty and they are passionate about it. Although they do offer rifle hunting as well, they mainly book quality bowhunts in British Columbia for trophy Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Moose, and Elk.

This Outfitter hunts moose using a variety of techniques. In the early season they hunt the high mountain alpine where the moose summer to avoiding the insects. Once the rut starts they make their way down to the lower country to chase cows. Rut hunts consist of spotting a good bull, then moving in to set up to call (cow and bull calls). Bulls will usually come in to investigate giving the hunter a close and at times very intense shot. They also sometimes use a decoy, which has proven quite effective over the years.

Trophy Quality
British Columbia is well known for its moose hunting, and this particular hunting area boasts some of the highest densities of grizzly, black bear, and moose in the province. The moose in this area of British Columbia average 40-55 inches with some bulls in the 60+ range being taken every year. Although Canada moose are not as big as their Alaskan cousins, they are still a huge animal that will get your heart pounding when they are in bow range.

Hunters typically fly into Edmonton, Alberta. You will be picked up and dropped off at the Edmonton airport by the outfitter.

The Destination:
These British Columbia moose hunts are located in East-central BC, straight west of Jasper National Park, between McBride and Prince George. The hunting area is 980 sq. miles of pristine mountains and valleys. The area is referred to as the “wet side” of the Rockies, with a high annual rainfall. This equates into lush undergrowth, food, and swamps… which is ideal for moose hunting.

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