British Columbia Moose Hunts (European Hunters Welcome)

Hunt 1.6 million acres of prime moose hunting habitat.

British Columbia Moose HuntingThis British Columbia hunt is in one of the best Moose Hunting areas in Canada.

Hunt the most majestic of them all, the Bull Moose in rut. Get more information

Calling moose is exciting! Once a bull responds to the guide’s call and starts to come, you will experience a thrill of a lifetime as these bulls can be unpredictable as they approach. Misty morning and a low grunt of a Bull Moose will make any hunter enjoy this hunt. The coughs, grunts, and bellows of bull moose are heard along with the rubbing of antlers against trees and the calls of the cows.

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British Columbia Moose HuntingBritish Columbia Moose HuntingBritish Columbia Moose HuntingBritish Columbia Moose HuntingBritish Columbia Moose HuntingBritish Columbia Moose Hunting

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Hunting Season
Moose hunting in British Columbia takes place during the rut which normally starts near the middle of September and runs until the 2nd week of October.

Hunting Method
Calling and Spot-and-Stalk. The diversity of terrain makes for excellent moose hunting habitat. Elevations ranging from 2200’ to 10,000’+, provide the moose herds with everything they need to flourish. Moose began to inhabit the area well over a decade ago, however, until 2003, they were not hunted.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
British Columbia is known for its vast moose population and this area has a high density of Canada Moose and is known for its trophy moose. The land provides ideal moose habitat with lots of swamps, lakes, creeks and rivers. The soil is mineral rich and the result is fast growing vegetation, especially willows, a main food source for moose. Bulls harvested range in spread size from 45 to 60 inches, and your goal should be to harvest a bull 50 inches or larger.

Hunting areas are pre-scouted to help ensure a successful Moose hunt!

British Columbia Robinson ValleyTravel
This British Columbia moose hunting area lies in the beautiful Robson Valley located between the Canadian Rockies and the Caribou Mountain Ranges.

Guiding and Accommodations
Moose hunting is best when done one on one. Once you arrive in British Columbia the guide will access your ability level and based on that assessment determine what areas you will hunt. These British Columbia hunting trips are sometimes handled out of base camps, but more often are just you and your guide working from a spike camp which results in a true Wilderness moose hunting adventure.

European Hunters
This BC Outfitter is fluent in German and has special packages available for European hunters.

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