British Columbia Vessel-Based Coastal Black Bear Hunting

Hunt directly across the Strait Of Georgia from Vancouver Island

This British Columbia vessel-based coastal black bear hunting outfitter has exclusive rights to hunt over 2,400 square miles.
Huge Head on this Bear
Directly across the Strait Of Georgia from Vancouver Island, this area is famous for it’s world-class black bears. Get more information »

This outfitter has a history of taking some of the largest coastal black bears in the world directly inland from Vancouver Island, an area famous for huge bears and near perfect coat quality. Experience the ultimate North American adventure, spot and stalk coastal black bear hunting while enjoying some of the world’s most beautiful scenery in your down time. Record book Roosevelt’s Elk and big northern Mountain Lion can also be taken with this outfitter, so if either of those animals are on your list, let us know.

~ Guaranteed non-resident black bear tag
~ Spring Black Bear Hunt: April 1-June 15
~ Fall Black Bear Hunt: September 10-November 13

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Coastal BC arguably has the largest population of black bears per square mile in North America. The mild climate provides the bears with a very long feeding season starting early in the spring and ending late in the fall on the salmon spawning rivers. With abundant food and low hunting pressure, it’s easy to see why coastal bears grow to such a large size.”

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Vessel based black bear hunting in British ColumbiaHunting Season
Coastal Black Bear season runs from April 1st to June 15th and from September 10th to November 13th.

Hunting Method
All coastal black bear hunting is exciting spot and stalk. Your guide will ferry you up the canals and fingers where you will glass bears from the skiff. Once you spot a trophy, you and your guide will transition to solid ground and the stalk will begin.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
– The success rate is nearly perfect at 90-100% annually.
– The average bear taken with this outfitter squares over 6 feet, although multiple bears squaring 7 ft plus are taken with a high percentage of skulls making the record book.

Midnight Black is the most common color, and the coat quality of these bears is unbeatable. If you want both giant trophy black bears and an exceptional overall experience, this is the outfitter for you!”
~ Trevor Brittingham

Available Game
While this outfitter specializes in record book black bear, he also offers hunts for trophy blacktail deer, roosevelt’s elk scoring over 400″, and giant mountain lions. *prices upon request

Map of British ColumbiaTravel
All clients fly into Vancouver International Airport. If you are travelling to the northern part of the guiding area, you will fly with Pacific Coastal Airlines. Pacific Coastal Airlines have 3 scheduled flights a day. If hunting in Southern portion of the guiding area, clients take a 5 minute taxi ride to the SEA Air Float plane base (next to the flying Beaver restaurant). Flights can be arranged with West Coast Air or Tofino Air. Then you will enjoy a 35 minute float plane ride into camp.

Transportation and Accommodations
The accommodations on this hunt are extremely comfortable float houses with all the amenities of home: electric lights, hot showers, and very comfortable beds. Transportation during your hunt will be on small boats that take you in and out of the waterways in search of big coastal black bears.

*Enjoy all the luxuries of home from your comfortable float house. After your hunt, kick back with a glass of wine and freshly cooked dungeness crab while you enjoy the beautiful landscape, or perhaps you’d rather set the hook on some hard-fighting fish. This outfitter offers great fishing for trout and red snapper.

Special food requests can be made ahead of time, but the standard meal consists of fresh seafood such as oysters, dungeness crab with melted butter, trout, and red snapper which you catch on your trip.

Gear Checklist for this Hunt

Suggested Gear
One scoped rifle (300 caliber preferred) and or archery equipment, binoculars, layer clothing (light weight hunting pants and jacket), rain gear, waterproof hat, water-resistent boots, day pack, camera, sneakers for around camp and personal toiletry.

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