British Columbia Bear, Moose Combo Hunt + a Wolf!

Moose hunting with a conoe

Great bear moose combo hunt. Killer Deal!

This outfitter is considered one of British Columbia’s moose hunting specialists.

Bear Moose combo hunt during the prime moose rut. From mid September to the end of October, when the moose are responding to calling.  To find big bulls in BC you gotta be with the right outfitter in the right area.  We have been working with this outfitter for years and if you are looking for big Canadian bulls at a resonable price then this is the one.
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In addition to a bear and a moose, this outfitter has agreed to throw in a wolf for Outdoors International clients.”

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British Columbia Bear Moose Wolf Combo HuntHunting Season
This bear, moose combo hunt takes place during the moose rut. Mid September to the end of October, when the moose are responding to calling.

Hunting Method
Spot and Stalk with some calling. Hunting areas will be accessed on foot, by 4×4, boats, and/or with horses.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
The average moose measures between 40 & 45 inches, however moose in the 50 inch range are taken yearly! Recent surveys in this Game Management Zone have shown an increase of 2000+ moose over the last four years. The Bull to Cow ratio is one of the highest in all of British Columbia.

This area has A LOT of color-phased black bears. Ranging from 5 to 7 1/2 feet with some weighing as much as 500 lbs.

Combo Opportunities
This is a bear, moose combo hunt with a wolf thrown in as well!

moose hunt

Located in one of British Columbia’s premier wilderness areas which has incredible dense populations of moose and bear. “

Batnuni Lake British Columbia MapTravel
We can arrange for pick up at Prince George Airport or provide a detailed map in the event you are driving.

License and Tags
Over the counter

Top notch meals in 1st Class Lake Front accommodations with shower facilities.

moose hunt

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