A guide to booking a good muley hunt

A Muley out west is one of the most in demand critters in the hunting world. It’s a supply and demand thing, especially if you are talking 170″+ muley hunt.

The following states and areas are some of my favorites because they have guaranteed tags AND a reasonable price. If you are lucky enough to draw a tag, these options will change.

Alberta is truly a place to kill a giant mule deer

Alberta muley huntsThe only problem with a muley hunt in Alberta is you need to be prepared to book at least a year, more likely two in advance to hunt there. The going rate is around $8k, but it is a place where you have a legitimate chance at a 200″ inch deer.

Idaho has some really good guaranteed tag opportunities

Idaho muley huntsThe prices are lower in Idaho when compared to other states and a guy can come out with a really nice deer on remote public ground or through outfitter acquisitioned tags in a premier unit. Muley hunts in Idaho will average $5-$6k.

Colorado has some great mule deer options

Colorado muley huntsThe Colorado landowner tags that are available through outfitters often run from $1,500-$4,000 just for the tag. There are also some Colorado hunting units that are almost totally privately held and with just a preference point or two you can draw a tag and go hunting on some good ground with chances at bucks in the 180″+ category for $6-$7,000 fully guided.

You can’t forget about Utah and their CWMU program

Utah muley huntsYour cost to hunt in Utah is generally going to be $6-$8k. Drawing a tag or taking advantage of their CWMU program gives the opportunity at a monster muley. You’ll likely need to be pretty fit, but Utah can be a really fun place to hunt.

Arizona has some good over-the-counter options

Arizona muley huntsAs we go south, there are some good archery hunts in Arizona on a over-the-counter tags that can be affordable on public ground. You’ll need to be OK with a buck in the 160-170’s but the hunts can be affordable in the $4-$5k range. There are also some private ground opportunities down there but the cost will go up into the $6-$7k range, but so will the trophy quality where bucks in the 180’s get taken every year.

New Mexico has great muleys

New Mexico muley huntsNew Mexico can also be another really good place for high quality bucks but the landowner tags drive the hunt costs up in the $7-$9k area. I like these hunts and for the most part don’t require high physical fitness.

Last, but not least is West Texas

Texas muley huntsThe Davis Mountains of West Texas can produce some very good muley bucks. Mule deer hunts in Texas run in the $8-$10k range and generally the bucks will average, especially since the drought, in the 170’s. Nice part about hunting there is usually they don’t require a lot of physical condition and it’s just a neat hunt for a desert muley.

I hope this helps. We can get you hunting in all these areas mentioned, so if a muley is on your bucket list, give us a call. ~Marc Warnke