Hunt Report – Fandrich Family in Namibia


We saw tons of animals, but the Kudu was by far the hardest animal to hunt. We saw lots, but typically only for a split second. After a few days of walk and stalk, we decided to hunt s high blind. We saw a decent Kudu come out at dark, and Helmuth told me that he was a shooter but that we should wait for a bigger one- glad we did. We went back to the same blind the next morning around 0900 after a … [Read more...]

IDFG Find “Robust” Elk Populations


I don't think most sportsmen would agree with this. Would you? I for one would like to know what political factors go into determining the objectives for the elk plan. It is my belief that they are determined more by landowner complaints than by biology or the input of the sportsmen who foot the bill. -Cory February 19, 2015 Wildlife Crews Find “Robust” Elk Populations Recent survey fli … [Read more...]

Outfitter Report – 2014 Elk Hunting Season

Robert and Ryan Craigo Bull 2

Fellas, This year we ran four hunters out of lower [No-Tellum] Creek. We killed four bulls, but only recovered three. This last week with Robert and Ryan Craigo we were on bulls every day. The two bulls we harvested were the smallest two bulls we saw during the hunt (that was not intentional!). We doubled up on day three, called in the bulls as a duo and shot them both at 125 yards. Awesome. … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Leopard Charges Hunters


Following up on a wounded leopard is no joke! You will be amazed at the speed as this leopard charges the hunters. He comes from nowhere, and is lightning fast. It is almost on top of the hunter before he even has a chance to shoot. He finally ends up shooting it off the end of his barrel. CRAZY video! Interested in a leopard hunt? It's not for the faint of heart. You can browse our … [Read more...]

5 Things to Know about Self-Guided Moose Hunts

2014-AK- DIY Moose

Hey guys, we booked one of your self-guided moose hunts and have a few questions so we can be fully prepared for it. 1. What worked/didn't? Good choice on your self-guided moose hunt, this year was our first experience with this outfitter and they did a great job for our party. During our layover in Bethel we meet several clients that had been out with them for multiple times already and were … [Read more...]