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Doctors vs Gun Owners

Doctors vs Gun Owners

Not everyone has a gun, BUT almost everyone has doctors. This means you are over 9,000 times more likely to be killed by a doctor as by a gun owner!

Road Rage African Style… Give Elephants the Right-Of-Way

elephant road rage 5

Don’t pass an elephant on the road… even if you’re polite & use your blinker. Watch what happens to this elephant.

This Ain’t No Bullwinkle… Check Out This Kamchatka Moose

New potential world record moose

Drool away folks… This trophy bull Alaska moose is an absolute monster.

Kryptek Cadog Shield Pants Review


Here is the NEW and Improved Kryptek Cadog Shield Pants in the new KRYPTEK HIGHLANDER pattern. This is the second generation of the Kryptek cadog shield pants with all the new features and improvements from the Battlefield and the Back Country testing and research. Kryptek Cadog Shield Pants are a very versatile pant that can […]

Fast Action on Nebraska Antelope

antelope hunting in Nebraska

“Don’t fall asleep, an antelope can come to water at any time during the day and it will happen fast” …Words of advice from my outfitter the morning on the first day of my first Nebraska Pronghorn antelope hunt.

Tuning a Bow for Hunting Season

preparing your bow for hunting season

Most people who bow hunt are pretty fanatical and know what they need to do and when tuning a bow for hunting season. Randy Ulmer and Chuck Adams I am not, however, I can usually hit the broad side of a barn if my target is close enough to it. However, I have noticed we […]

Field Judging Pronghorn Antelope

Field Judging Antelope

Field judging pronghorn antelope can be tough. There are three main considerations when field judging antelope: length of horn, mass, size of prong.

New World Record Mountain Goat Taken in British Columbia

New world record mountain goat taken in British Columbia

A 2011 British Columbia Rocky Mountain goat taken by Troy M. Sheldon of Alexandria, KY is the new World Record Mountain Goat, according to B&C.

Hunting British Columbia | Russ Meyer Archery Black Bear


Hunting Trophy British Columbia Black Bear is an awesome experience. See 8-12 bears a day on this trip. Multiple chances to shoot a nice Black Bear

Texas Turkey Hunting Success

Turkey hunting in Texas

We had a great time Texas turkey hunting. This Texas turkey hunting outfitter has lots of long beards, hogs and deer. My son, Myles, got his turkey within 30 minutes of the first day arriving at the lodge. This ranch was like hunting in a Mississippi river bottom. There are flowing creeks and large trees […]

South Texas Deer Hunting ROCKS!

Cory with his South Texas deer, hog and javelina

The South Texas deer hunting Ranch (management) Hunt is a basic hunting package for a mature buck 4.5 years old or more with up to 150″ B&C.

Fallen Tree Kills Trophy Elk & 9 Point Whitetail Buck

tree kills elk

Fallen Tree Kills Trophy Elk & 9 Point Whitetail Buck . These two big game animals were found pinned under tress, a classic case of natures revenge.

Bezoar Ibex Hunting in Asia


Ibex Hunting in Asia with an Outstanding Outfitter! Bezoar Ibex hunting is an incredible hunt for one of the most sought after big game trophies in Asia. Their beautiful coats and extraordinarily long horns, which can exceed 50 inches & entice hunters from around the world. Bezoar Ibex have the longest horns of any animal […]

Hunting Nebraska | Russ Meyer Archery Antelope & Whitetail


Is anyone looking for a great archery antelope hunt with the option of a bonus whitetail buck and doe?? Well, Hunting Nebraska is the place.

Moose Hunting Facts and How to Choose Where to Hunt Moose

Self guided Alaska moose hunting

As a hunting consultant I am often in conversation with clients looking to go hunt moose for the first time. Moose hunting is something that even the most well traveled high budget hunters only do a few times in their lifetime. Not because they aren’t enjoyable, but more that they are a bucket list species, […]