How to Hunt Crocodiles


A big ‘flattie’ as crocs are often referred to by professional hunters, is a supreme test of stalking ability, patience and rifle accuracy. Most crocs are taken by baiting. Big males are territorial, which hunters can use to their advantage. Local tribesmen will know where every big croc lives, along with his preferred basking sites. Cruising by boat using good optics is another good way to fin … [Read more...]

25 Ways to NOT BE a Victim on your next hunting trip!

Cory Glauner TruckFire_(3)

As hunters we all like to think that we are pretty competent when it comes to taking care of ourselves, being aware of our surroundings and being able to take action when needed. None of us likes to think it will happen to you… You’re on your adventure, your dream trip/hunt, the one you have been saving up for, and everything is going great until you find yourself in a crowded airport or walking th … [Read more...]

Take Advantage of European Exchange Rate

Mat Cervantes roe deer hunting in Europe

The time to book a hunt for Europe is now! Over the last year the exchange rate for the Euro against the Dollar has dropped 30 points to a new low of almost a one for one ratio. That means a 2,500 Euro Mouflon or Fallow buck hunt on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia that was about $3,500 with the exchange rate in 2013 is now close to $2,700-2,800; that is a deal! So book and pay the deposit … [Read more...]

Turkey Hunting in Hawaii Anyone?

two birds

Who hunts turkeys in Hawaii? We do! Over a three day period In March of 2015, Mat Cervantes a hunting consultant and his son Andrew were fortunate enough to harvest three Rio Grande’s. Despite heavy rain all weekend, they were able to take two Tom’s and a big Jake on the big island of Hawaii. The biggest bird was over 22 pound birds with a 9.5 inch beard and 1” spurs but most impor … [Read more...]

GEAR REVIEW: Survival Slingshot

Survival slingshot

I recently tried the Survival Sling Shot and was impressed with it's construction, and power. As they say... this is not a toy. Not only is it extremely well made, it comes with a crazy amount of accessories that allow this unit to be the most advanced sling shot I'm aware of. I am still getting my accuracy down but I can easily see that it has all the power necessary to take down a squirrel or … [Read more...]