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2012 Africa Safari Season Report by the PH

Elizabeth Stout with her 54" Kudu bull

It is time to reflect on the 2012 Safari season, and it was a good one. This year we hunted some new areas as well as our established concessions throughout South Africa and Mozambique. In South Africa, we had the highest rainfall in over sixty years. Game has done well, and we had regular opportunities […]

Hunt Report – Idaho Wilderness Mule Deer Hunt


Idaho Wilderness Mule Deer Hunt – November 2012 I got in touch with Outdoors International and Marc got me in touch with the outfitter he thought would be best for me to hunt with. I have him a call and we talked about what I could expect while mule deer hunting in the Frank Church […]

Illinois 2012 Deer Season Report


Here is the Illinois 2012 Deer Season Report from our Outfitter As we are finishing our Illinois 2012 deer season with just three days to go, lets take a glance of how our 2012 season went. We started off with the opening Illinois Archery season October 1 with a hot and dry week that followed […]

Utah Conservation Permit Program

The Utah Conservation Permit Program provides hunting permits to conservation organizations to be auctioned at banquets and other fundraisers.

Archery Elk Hunters, the Misunderstood Minority

Marc Warnke 2012 Idaho Elk

It wasn’t till my third year of elk hunting that I really felt like I KNEW what I was doing. Archery hunting elk is frick’n hard!!

Alaska Caribou Hunting Report


by Jim Haynes Mid-September, 2012 – Northern Alaska Caribou Hunting I will start with the criticisms. As with almost every outfitter, this Alaska caribou hunting guide was a little bit tough to communicate with. This is understandable as he was in the field much of the time and I’m glad I had you to answer […]

Kyrgyzstan Ibex Hunting Report


After researching Mid Asian Ibex hunting in Kyrgyzstan for almost a year, my wife Maria and I set up our hunt through Marc at Outdoor International with the outfitter we wanted to use in Kyrgyzstan. Over the next six months, Marc very helpful in assisting to get all of the logistics in order. This can […]

Alberta Hunting in the Peace River Region is on the Rebound

David Byrd's 178 Alberta Whitetail

I am confident we will be experiencing the “good ole days” we had prior to 2006 when we were deciding which 200 class muley to shoot.

Archery Elk Hunting Tips

Marc Warnke 2012 Idaho Elk

Archery Elk Hunting Tips As a life long hunting bum and a hunting consultant, I have gotten a chance to hunt in some amazing places for some even more amazing animals. Out of all my experiences still the coolest hunt exists right out my back door…archery elk hunting. There are some close seconds, but bow […]

The North American Grand Slam of Sheep

North American Grand Slam of Sheep

In the hunting world, the term “Grand Slam” refers to harvesting all subspecies within a species. A highly sought after and prized grand slam is the North American Grand Slam of Sheep, comprised of four distinct subspecies. Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep The Rocky Mountain Bighorn is the largest of North America’s Grand Slam sheep species, […]

Best Brown Bear Caliber


Now before you read further a little disclaimer: WE DO NOT claim to be experts on the best brown bear caliber… I have just compiled this information based on first-hand experience as well as the experience of other brown bear hunters, guides and outfitters. Now, with that out of the way, here we go. Here […]

Botswana Bans Hunting

Botswana Crest

Citing declining wildlife populations, the government of Botswana has confirmed that it will ban all commercial hunting, effective January 1, 2014. After being suggested in October during the President’s State of the Nation address, the ban was confirmed this week by the nation’s Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism. Botswana is a landlocked country located […]

Illinois Deer Hunting Review by Marc Warnke

Doe bait

As a western hunter, I can’t say that I look forward to tree stand hunts. This one made me a believer.

Mule Deer Hunting Review – Idaho Wilderness

Flying into the back country air strip

While I did not harvest a mule deer I consider this one of my most successful hunts and I’m going back next year for sure. Having been an avid Sheep hunter turned upland bird hunter for the past decade it has been a long time since I have visited the wilderness for big game. The […]

Wild Boar Recipes – Ropa Via

wild boar ropa via

One of our favorite wild boar recipes, Ropa Vieja (ropa via) came originally from the Canary Islands.