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High Fence Elk Hunts. Are they for you?

high fence elk hunts

Trying to get your chance at a bull elk over 350 without waiting the years in takes to draw the “right” tag can be a VERY expensive and time consuming venture. A solution to that issue, if cost is a concern, is to hunt big bulls on a high fence ranch. In the market for […]

Cape Buffalo – The Most Dangerous Game?

cape buffalo dangerous game

Referred as the “Black Death”, cape buffalo have the ability… and the personality to stomp you into the ground and tear you apart with their horns. Truly, a cape buffalo hunt is dangerous. They don’t die easy, so when they are wounded you run the risk of having this beast charge you at 35 mph. […]

Africa is One of the Coolest Places in the World!

Africa is Awesome!

Africa is one of my favorite places to hunt in the world for many reasons other than the hunting. Sure the hunting is awesome, but it’s the people the bugs, birds and the culture that keeps me going back.

Our Top 5 Dream Hunts

Cape buffalo dream hunts

We recently completed a survey asking hunters what their top five dream hunts would be. Some of their answers were… well, no brainers to be honest, but a few of them took us by surprise. The results are below. If you would like to have us help you make one of your dream hunts a […]

Scoring Aoudad Sheep

Scoring Aoudad Sheep

A trophy aoudad will usually have horns measuring 30″ from base to tip. A ram of this quality could be compared to a whitetail scoring 150″ B&C. Rams can however have horns stretching to 35″+. MEDAL CLASSIFICATIONS FOR AOUDAD SHEEP NORTH AMERICA SCI (Introduced – High Fence) BRONZE: 115″ (standard) 103″ (bow) SILVER: 132 5/8″ […]

History of Aoudad Sheep in Texas

Texas Flag Map

Just What is an Aoudad? Native to rugged areas of Northern Africa, the Aoudad, also known as Barbary sheep (Ammotragus lervia), is a tough and intelligent species of Caprid (goat-antelope). Aoudad are the only species in the genus Ammotragus. However, some include this genus in the goat genus Capra, and others in the sheep genus […]

How to Call Moose

How to call moose

So you’re going on a moose hunt and you want to learn how to call moose… well, luckily calling a moose is fairly easy.

New World Record Whitetail – The Johnny King Buck

New World Record Whitetail

The Big Buck Club announced today that the Johnny King Buck from Wisconsin is the new World Record Whitetail.

Kryptek Hats and Headwear Line-up For 2013


Do you have a Kryptek hat obsession? Well we do. We tested all of the Kryptek hats so here is a full list of the Hat/ Headwear options that will fit everyone’s “Battlefield to Backcountry” style.  I’m sure you will be able to find 1 or 2 that will work. Causal hats Kryptek Outlaw Black Flex […]

Hunt Report: Texas Aoudad Hunt

Mike white with his magnificent Texas aoudad

Our goal was to find a trophy Texas Aoudad destination in the famous Davis Mountains of West Texas. We were very pleased to discover not only large herds of Aoudad holding some huge trophies, but some awesome potential for trophy Desert Mule Deer. This is great opportunity to do a combo hunt in some beautiful […]

Top 5 Things Every New Hunter Regrets

unprepared hunter

Almost every experienced hunter will you tell things they wish they knew or should have done while on their first hunt. This list might be long, some more than others, but no matter how many mistakes or regrets a hunter has under his or her belt, the fact still remains; we’re all beginners at one […]

Hunt Report: Team OI Texas Aoudad Hunting

Team OI Texas Aoudad Hunting

Marc Warnke, Mike White, & Cory Glauner had a blast Aoudad Hunting in the Davis Mountains of West Texas.

Top 10 Things to Know for Aoudad Hunting

Marc Warnke aoudad Hunt

Aoudad hunting can be extreme. Here are ten important things to consider before you go Aoudad hunting.

New Products for 2013


We talk a lot about the importance of the right gear, We know through experience the right gear helps you stay out longer and hunt harder which equals more harvest opportunities & success.  We all want to be more successful in the woods so with that in mind Spring time usually brings out the new products for the upcoming year. This is a […]

Tim Beck Buck – 2nd Largest Whitetail Ever Taken!

2nd Largest Whitetail Deer Ever Taken by Hunter

Tim Beck has officially taken the second-largest whitetail deer ever taken by a hunter, according to B&Ct, The Beck Buck scores 305-7/8 B&C Non-Typical!