Stone Sheep Hunting in British Columbia

A beautiful stone sheep

Stone Sheep Hunting in BC 100% Opportunity! This British Columbia Outfitter is one of the best when it comes to Stone Sheep and Wilderness Guiding. » BOOK YOUR HUNT! He and his guides consistently get hunters on great Stone Sheep Rams. In fact their average ram over the last 6 years has been 37 inches with 13 1/2 inch bases. So if you are looking for a great Stone Sheep hunt with the … [Read more...]

Trophy Mid-Asian Ibex Hunt

49 inch Mid Asian Ibex Billy

A Mid-Asian Ibex Hunt costs less than a Mountain Goat hunt! Experience one of the ultimate mountain hunts in the world with this very successful Mid-Asian Ibex Outfitter » BOOK YOUR HUNT! [wptab name='What to Expect'] All Mid-Asian Ibex Hunts are physically and mentally demanding, some more than others, but if you are looking for adventure and a stunning trophy, it is hard to beat a … [Read more...]

Marco Polo Sheep Hunt in Tajikistan

Marco Polo Sheep Hunt in Tajikistan

Marco Polo Sheep Hunting in Tajikistan with one of the best outfitters in the business! Tajikistan is the premier destination for Trophy Marco Polo Sheep Hunts, and for good reason, it consistently produce the biggest rams! Get More Information on this hunt Request Price If you are looking for a 55" plus Marco Polo hunt, look no further. Tajikistan is the ultimate trophy destination for … [Read more...]

Wyoming Hunting for Mule Deer

Wyoming hunting for mule deer

Wyoming Hunting Private Land Rifle Mule Deer on 140,000 Acres. Wyoming Hunting for mule deer with a rifle on 140,000 plus acres of wildlife paradise near Douglas, Wyoming. Wyoming Hunting at its finest for those looking for an exciting and entertaining hunt with great outfitter and guides for good 135-150 class bucks with 160-175 type bucks taken every year. East Central Wyoming is known … [Read more...]

We Were Accepted Into The Full Draw Film Tour

Full Draw Film Tour

Outdoors International is pumped to have the opportunity to share our passion for bow hunting the backcountry with other hunters and those interested in hunting. Outdoors International is pleased to announce that our Short Film is an official selection of the 2014 Full Draw Film Tour. Here is a little something to whet your appetites: Make sure to check out the Full Draw Film Tour at … [Read more...]