Moose Subspecies in North Amercia

Moose Subspecies and Range in North Amercia

Moose in North America tend to be darker in color around their faces and legs than their European cousins and tend to weigh more in both body mass and antlers. Antlers of North American are more pal-mated than European moose as well. The four moose subspecies in North America are the Alaska-Yukon moose; the Canada moose; and the Shiras moose.    Alaska-Yukon Moose The Alaska Yukon … [Read more...]

Things To Know Before Booking a Moose Hunt

Things you lshould know before booking a moose hunt

If you haven't hunted in Alaska or in a tundra environment, you should know before booking a moose hunt, there are a few things to consider. First off, there seems to be a trend going right now on float hunts. Just know that float hunts are more difficult overall and a float hunt doesn't allow a hunter to truly get to know an area. Many believe this is a easier way to go but after the 2nd camp … [Read more...]

Mule Deer Hunting in Wyoming

194 inch Pope and Young Mule Deer

Trophy mule deer hunting in Wyoming on private ranches Mule deer hunting in Wyoming can be incredible, especially on private ground. I'd love to help you book this hunt." -Marc Warnke What you should expect while mule deer hunting in Wyoming Mule Deer Hunting Method Expect to do a lot of glassing, spot-and-stalk, and maybe even sitting on waterholes. A typical days hunt will start … [Read more...]

How To Resole Your Kenetrek Boots


I recently sent in my Kenetrek Moutain Extreme boots to be resoled and repaired after two pounding seasons in the mountains. By my estimations I’m have at least 300-400 miles in my boots in mostly VERY steep, often rocky, terrain. It’s easy to tell the steep terrain wear by the toes being the first part of the boots to give in. Other than that they were still very comfortable and waterproof and … [Read more...]



Come Along and Hunt South Africa with the Outdoors Interantional Team! Here is your chance to hunt with us! We have 4 openings for hunters to accompany us to an amazing property in the famed Limpopo Province. We have negotiated discounted rates for the 4 hunters who choose to accompany us on this dream hunt. 10 Day South African Safari, Your Choice Cape Buffalo, Plains Game, Sable, … [Read more...]