British Columbia Caribou Moose Combo Hunts

British Columbia Caribou Moose Combo Hunts

Mountain Caribou and Moose Hunting BC 100% Opportunity! Fantastic 10 day caribou moose combo hunts for Big Bull Moose and B&C Mountain Caribou. This Outfitter has some of the best moose hunting and mountain caribou in British Columbia. With over 20 lakes in a major swamp system, this area offers some of the best moose hunting in BC. Clients consistently take bulls in teh 50-65" range with … [Read more...]

VIDEO: An “Epic” Sheep Hunt by Butch Whiting

Butch Whiting of Kryptek hunting dall sheep

April/May 2013 Eastmans Hunting Journal (Issue 136) - This sheep hunt started as other hunts begin: a remote possibility with potential for greatness. Any legal ram is a trophy, but my heart was set on a true adventure with giant full-curl potential. Statistics suggested that only a few giant rams are taken every couple years outside of "draw areas.” I wanted to hunt on public land with an o … [Read more...]

Russ Meyer’s Archery BC Black Bear

Russ Meyer with his BC Black Bear

In 1988 I took my first big game animal with a bow. I was sitting over a bait in central Idaho when, to my surprise, a bear slipped over the ridge and was soon standing at fifteen yards, offering me a perfect shot. Can you say “Hook, line, and sinker”, not only for a lifetime of bear hunting, but also a solidification of my bow and arrow. I knew at that point archery was my passion. Many years a … [Read more...]

This is Why I Train to Hunt


My life has been profoundly altered in many ways since adulthood, and my wife and kids are at the top of the list. They are people who have made me a better man. My wife is a health nut, which pretty much makes me a healthy eater by default. As far as fitness is concerned, it has always been a blast here, a blast there, but never a long term habitual thing. I was always the hunter that went out … [Read more...]

Follow in the Footsteps of Jack O’Connor! Stone Sheep Hunting.

Jack Oconnor stone sheep

Jack O’Connor was first and foremost an outdoorsman, but he was also an English professor, which led to the marriage of the two and his prolific writings on everything from firearms, wildlife history and hunting. But his passion was wild sheep. He hunted sheep not for a trophy, but for the experience. He loved the country in which they lived. Well, having had the opportunity to hunt and h … [Read more...]