T.A.G. Bags Game Bags Review

TAG BAGS synthetic game bags

I have now used my T.A.G. Bags synthetic game bags to pack out two elk. I'm a fan! They are light, strong, easy to clean and do everything they are advertised to do. Because their brilliance is in their simplicity it won't take me long to explain why I like them. First let me speak about sizing. The "Pro Pack" (6 bags are 24"x44") and the "Bomb Pack" (4 - 14"x34" and 2--14"x20") both light … [Read more...]


Russ Meyer bc bear

Once again, our 2014 ended with another successful British Columbia bear hunting season. The spring season ended with happy hunters and some incredible bears. The success always amazes me. BC does not allow baiting so this is a spot and stalk hunt. If you haven’t had the opportunity to stalk into close proximity of a black bear, and would like to, this is the hunt. The hunters this spring enjoyed … [Read more...]

OI Podcast #5 – Butch Whiting of Kryptek


Butch Whiting is an American Hero. He also happens to be one of the owners of Kryptek Outdoor Group. Butch's dream, while in the muck of the Middle East, fighting for us...was to be back home in the states hunting. He and his partners decision to start Kryptek was with that goal in mind. Fast forward to now they have one of the hottest camos on the market and apparel deserving of the tagline … [Read more...]

OI Podcast #4 – Mike Ellig of Black Gold Sights


Bow sight technology has gone from brass pins with paint on the end of them to slider sights and fiber optics in the last 30 years. No one can speak to that evolution with more authority than the owner of Black Gold Sights, Mike Ellig. Marc met Mike on a plane flight and hit it off with him right away on multiple levels. Mike Ellig is not only the owner of Black Gold, but a dedicated father to … [Read more...]

Preparing for Cape Buffalo with a Bow

cape buffalo dangerous game

Wow Cape Buffalo with a Bow!!! I still can’t believe I am heading to Africa! Let alone to go on one of my Top 5 Bucket List hunts, Cape Buffalo with a bow, aka Black Death, Dagga Boys, oh yeah. I have dreamed of hunting Cape Buffalo with a bow since I was 12 years old and started reading Capstick's books. Well now the dream is quickly becoming a reality, but on relatively short notice. Cory G … [Read more...]