How To Resole Your Kenetrek Boots


I recently sent in my Kenetrek Moutain Extreme boots to be resoled and repaired after two pounding seasons in the mountains. By my estimations I’m have at least 300-400 miles in my boots in mostly VERY steep, often rocky, terrain. It’s easy to tell the steep terrain wear by the toes being the first part of the boots to give in. Other than that they were still very comfortable and waterproof and … [Read more...]



Come Along and Hunt South Africa with the Outdoors Interantional Team! Here is your chance to hunt with us! We have 4 openings for hunters to accompany us to an amazing property in the famed Limpopo Province. We have negotiated discounted rates for the 4 hunters who choose to accompany us on this dream hunt. 10 Day South African Safari, Your Choice Cape Buffalo, Plains Game, Sable, … [Read more...]

Bighorn Sheep Ewe Hunt in Nevada….

bighorn sheep ewe hunt in Nevada

In their January/February meeting, the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners voted to allow bighorn sheep ewe hunting. While this may seem drastic and irresponsible, mane factors came into this decision. Understanding the Recommended 2014 Bighorn Ewe Hunt The Nevada Division of Wildlife, with the help of non-governmental organizations, have taken bighorn sheep populations in Nevada from 3,000 … [Read more...]

Black Gold Sights

We are excited to announce that we are now working with Black Gold Sights as the exclusive bow sight provider of the GOTHUNTS Team. We are committed to only using and recommending only the best products and services in the outdoor industry. But to get there, they have to hold up to our use, abuse and exacting requirements for quality, durability and customer service. When we work with, support and … [Read more...]

Hoyt Archery


The Team here at is committed to only using and recommending the best products and services in the outdoor industry. When we work with, support and endorse a manufacturer you can rest assured that their products are used by our entire staff and that they not only meet but exceed our demanding standards for performance. We pursue adventures around the globe in an effort to help our … [Read more...]